The Path To Abundance

Am I On The Right Path to my Desires ?

Is this path that I am on going to produce results…

It is very common for us as human beings to instill negative beliefs into our energy systems. We all do it, and in some cases it can be out of the need to achieve some type of result.

When I am talking about a result I am referring to achieving the outcome of our desires. This could be financial, as in the attraction of money, or it could be love, such as the wanting of a life partner. It makes no difference what it is that you are wanting to attract, the end result you are looking for is always to succeed in achieving your desire.

We end up second guessing ourselves:

  • Am I doing the right things,
  • have I spread myself too thin,
  • have I chosen the right path, should I change,
  • should I employ multiple streams at one time,
  • am I also disallowing other paths open to me.


WHY, because we are human beings, and the only way to know what we want is to also know what we don’t want. But because we are so great at creating drama in our lives we end up will all sorts of self talk, most of which does not serve us.

Two of the most asked questions

“Because I have chosen this path, will I automatically block another way the universe could provide for me ?”

“Is it possible to attract from many sources at once ?”

Our problems start when we begin to doubt and second guess ourselves, because on one hand we can answer YES to either of the above questions, and then because we are human we almost always quickly work out all the other scenarios of why NO is the correct response (and visa versa)

The real question you should be considering is “what is my belief”. The answer to the above questions can be a yes or a no depending on your belief.

All answers to all questions will almost always depend upon your beliefs

Lets look at it from a Law of Attraction perspective

The law of attraction states that what you feel and believe will be your truth. If you believe (whether you call it worry or anxiety) that you may be blocking other ways to attract the abundance you are looking for, or that your exiting paths are questionable then they are. What we believe, think and feel become our attraction.

To change what we are attracting we need to change our thoughts and beliefs, and I would go one step further by saying that we also need to release the negative and limiting beliefs and emotions connected with whatever it is we are wanting to attract or change in our lives.

What Can I Do About It

The best course of action that I can suggest is for you to start by doing these few things:

1. Read this article about creating – Step by Step.

2. Release some of these worrying thoughts by performing EFT.

3. Ask yourself what your belief is about the topic, as in the examples above. Grab a pen and paper and take some notes, sit in a quite place and write out whatever comes into your mind and then start asking WHY you believe these beliefs, keep probing until you discover everything discoverable about your belief, and then release any negative emotion or limiting belief connected to it

I have included some setup phrases below which may help you with some of your tapping.

** Special EFT Tip:

I know that many readers worry about not knowing what parts of the EFT Setup to use in the Sequence when an incomplete EFT Script is given. I call this an incomplete EFT Script as you only receive the setup phrase and No sequence. Many people worry that they will end up tapping the wrong part of the setup in the sequence.

Here is a tip which you can use when performing eft when someone supplies a setup without a sequence:

“You Can Simply Tap the Whole Setup At Each Sequence Point”


Here is an example of a Setup:

Even though I fear that I have chosen the wrong path I deeply and completely love and accept myself

What can you tap on for the Sequence:

At each point in the sequence you can simply tap the Setup Topic – I bolded it in the above example to make it clear as to what I am talking about. There is nothing wrong in doing rounds of tapping this way. You do not have to get over creative, you do not have to decide which word in the setup to use.

Just because you find the scripts on this website very creative it does not mean that you have to be creative yourself. It is perfectly ok to say the SETUP TOPIC over and over at each meridian point in the Sequence.

In the example above I would repeat this phrase at each meridian point of the sequence: I fear that I have chosen the wrong path”

What is wrong with that, nothing, Its exactly the same approach I take even to this day when I am reading other peoples setups, remember what I always say:

“There are no rights or wrongs, only results”


Below are some setups which you may find useful to help overcome some of the issues discussed in this article. To make it clear for you I have bolded each section for you to use at each meridian point as in the Above EFT Tip:

Even though I fear wasting time on the wrong projects I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I am worried that my projects might fail I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I am not sure If I am doing the right things I love and accept myself

Even though I wish all my projects would take of already, they are taking so long to make me money I love and accept myself anyway

Even though I cant see any other way to achieve what I want I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I might be blocking other ways of attracting abundance I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway

Even though I put so my pressure on myself to succeed, I deeply and completely love accept and forgive myself.

Even though I put so much pressure on myself to attract abundance I deeply and completely love accept and forgive myself.

Even though I worry that I am blocking myself from attracting abundance I deeply and completely love accept and forgive myself.

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