Is Attracting An Art

Attracting Abundance – Part 1 of 2

Attracting Abundance into your life is simply a matter of tuning in and then tuning back out.

This may sound like a simple approach to attraction, and yet it is. The universe hears you it always has and it always will, to the extent that you are not getting what you want is because you are holding yourself in an alignment pattern that is not conducive to receiving, or put in a another way you are stuck in the asking phase as you are tuning into your desire but you have not yet learned to tuned out.

Tuning In your Desires

This is the easiest part of Attraction and does not need a great deal of effort, however I guess this depends on the individual as for some it may be very difficult to think outside of the box from which they find themselves.

This is simply a matter of deciding what you want, what is your desire, do you want a nice home or a new car, do you want the freedom that wealth can bring, maybe you are after a relationship with the person of your dreams, whatever the desire is its yours.

You only have to think about it and its yours to have “ask and it is given”

The key to thinking about what you want is to think only in terms of the desire not on how it will come. Just focus upon the desire, you may get into the finer points of it and dream about the color of the car, the make, visualize yourself on a drive in the country, putting a cd in the cd player, whatever you want is yours.

Ask and it is Given is a quote that come from the christian bible, now for those of you who are not christian or not religious, don’t panic I’m not either, but there is truth in all the religions of the world.

However are you aware that there is another part of that quotation which many overlook, it goes something like this “Whatever a man shall ask believing then he shall have”

This is where the second part of our quest comes into play; Tuning Out

But first we have to go back to the asking and we have to ask WHY..

Why do your want what you want, do you really want the thing you are asking for or is there something else behind it.

The only way for me to explain this is to talk about myself, we are all growing and I am no different to you, in fact I am the same as you, nothing inside me is any different from you, we all evolve at our own pace and each level we get to can bring back the same set of problems as before, just on a different scale.

My Desire

It is 1130 pm and I am lying in bed with my fingers on this keyboard asking myself these same questions.

I know what I want so just the thought brings up images into my mind and I can see myself in my surroundings with the accomplishments that I am desiring.

Now as I lay here for a few minutes focused on Why I kept asking myself why I wanted a particular business I have been playing with for over a decade to succeed. And I suddenly realized that part of the reason was insecurity. Now I just wrote the word insecurity because that was the opposite of the word that I actually realized, I actually realized that part of the reason I am wanting the business to succeed is because was security, so if I wanted that success for security then I must be feeling insecure in some way.

This sudden realization is new to me and it is very interesting for me to see that if I was in need of more security, as this was part of the reason I want the success of my business, so if the success of my business has been tied to my future success and my future security then there is only one conclusion, I am not yet in the receiving part of the equation, else I would be expecting the outcome of my desire and I would already be feeling the feelings of security.


Its now 1220am and I have been sitting here for some time asking more questions and I discovered that I have been stuck in the HOW without fully realizing it.

Whilst I want the success of my adventure and I know that it has the potential to run away like a freight train, I have been quietly hoping that it does as this is going to help me get to where I want to go. Then I suddenly realized that I was expecting this to get me to where I wanted, it could very well be it, but the HOW is not my job as it has nothing to do with me, I am only restricting the flow, this is only one business activity and a mountain of opportunities exist if I only let them in.

I then also admitted accomplishment and personal satisfaction of success are also high on my list, but then in that instant I also realized that if this is what I wanted then I am chasing something outside of myself as it should already be enough as it is. Personal satisfaction and accomplishment is something that comes from within not from without (not from outside of me)

Attracting Abundance – Part Two – Tuning Out

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