Have Faith and Believe

Attracting Abundance – Part 2 of 2

If you missed the first part: Part 1 – Attracting Abundance

Tuning Out – Having Belief

For those using The Law of Attraction this can be the most difficult of all the steps to master. The art of Attracting Abundance is not so much in the asking but in the Belief, Believing you have it with no questions asked, and I should know I have been stuck with this many times myself.

Once you put your attention to what you want the universe knows what you want and you don’t have to keep asking. This brings me to another quote that I heard many years ago, one which I never really understood at that time, but these days it is a the core of my thinking and it goes something like this “whatever you ask I have heard before the asking”

I am not sure how to explain this quote so I am going to explain it the only way I know how, so for you non believers please indulge me for a minute. If you accept God the Universe and All that is then nothing you say or do is ever missed, nothing you say or do is ever criticized or condemned for you are an extension of all that is.

So if you are an extension of all that is, then God is within you, so this phrase brings on a whole new meaning “whatever you ask I have heard before the asking”, God the Universe and all that is gets it, and has given you your request, God heard your request vibrationally long before you heard the thought in your mind.

So as God already heard it then it must already be given to you, but to the extent that you are resisting or to the extent that you do not believe you have your desire is what is stopping the receiving. It is not more simpler then that.

The real part for us comes back to Belief

“do you believe you will receive”…., if so then live as if you have your desire

Find a way to accept what you already have and where you currently are in your life, accept that it is a stepping stone, stop resisting, be grateful where you are for if you were not here right now then you could not have had those thoughts of being over there. Let go and let be..

Are you resisting – This is a whole new topic which I will go into in a later article as I have found in all the years I have been performing EFT that resistance is what stops individuals moving forward. EFT works all the time every time, but to the extent you are resisting your thoughts, you are resisting the truth and you are not saying it like it is you may never find the relief you are looking for, it is that simple..

Get into the Feelings of Having it Now


There is a lot of contention in regard to giving thanks for your desires, I agree to give thanks but it must be done in the now, give thanks for having it already and feel the feelings of having it now.. Also give thanks for what you have already, for what you want may never arrive if you are not grateful for what you already have.

Never get this mixed up with giving thanks for the desire that is coming, and never get it mixed up with asking for the desire, or praying please please please, I thank you but please…. this is not giving gratitude for the things you have, this is saying to the universe that I don’t have it, where is it, I want it..


Tuning Out is the same as letting go and accepting.. The universe has already heard you, once asked it has already been given to you, it is your job to get yourself into a receiving place. You have to accept that you already have it and that you believe its already yours, feel the feelings of having it now.

If this is a difficult step then start with small things, ask for something small, something simple, and feel the feeling of having it now. Maybe ask for that perfect cup of coffee and put yourself into the receiving place, in that place where you can taste it and see it. But more importantly you allow it to be as it is, you no longer need it as you already have it.

This is the key “you no longer need it as you already have it”

That’s the point you should get to, if you can do that then you will get your hearts desires


Just this morning as I was putting my finishing touches to this article I am in gratitude for having experienced the manifestation I described above, Last night as I wrote about getting that perfect cup of coffee I actually laid in bed for about 5 minutes thinking about the perfect cup, it was not a cup of coffee but a caramel drink, for some reason it never tastes the same when I make it. I saw myself sitting on the lounge sipping a hot cup and I was feeling the feelings and enjoyment, I actually could taste the caramel in my mouth, I had taken myself to a place of satisfaction for the wonderful cup.

Well a couple of hours ago I found myself on the lounge as my wife brought me a cup of Caramel and as I started to drink it I instantly remembered last night and I was having the same enjoyment I had then, it was no different sipping the cup this morning as when I was imagining it last night.

This is where we have to get ourselves to, once we can all do this, then our outside world will change.

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