Personal EFT Scripting

Create Personal EFT Scripts

This is a complete program that covers the scripting process, how to script, what to say, and most of all it lifts the lid on the process allowing anyone the ability to script and release on any topic.

With this program I take you on a journey of EFT Creation allowing you to understand all the tips and tricks I use when creating personal EFT Scripts. You will learn tips and be able to use the very same tools I use every day when helping myself and others overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

The most common phrases I hear from anyone who is trying to release on their own are: “I don’t know what to say” or “I don’t know how to create scripts”



A Simple Easy Way To Use EFT

I spent over 10 months working on this program to create what I feel is a world first in script creation. This program is not about what EFT is or how to do EFT, as you already know this. This program lifts the lid on the scripting process enabling you to script with or without any knowledge of scripting.

The core belief of this program is unique as its premise is all about not having to script, you do not need to create scripts in order to release with EFT. The first part of the program starts with the “Pen and Paper Method of Scripting”, and this guide is all about releasing without scripting. In fact this guide tells you to put EFT aside as it has nothing to do with the process until the final step. Yes you still use EFT to release, but with this particular process you forget about EFT until the end, EFT becomes a by product, thus making Personal EFT easy and simple.


Practitioners From Around The Globe Have Been Adopting Joe’s Methods Of Scripting


Because they are World Class, they are Simple and Easy to Apply


Remember that these methods were put together for you, to enable you to use them for personal scripting, you don’t have to be a practitioner, the only reason these methods have become so successful by both practitioners, mums and dads, sons and daughters around the globe, is because they destroy scripting concepts and opens up EFT to everyone..


Discover how easy it is to Create Personal Scripts

Click Here and See for Yourself why Joe’s Program has become so successful.


Take a Look at What You Get With This Program

  • You receive the ultimate guide to personal scripting “The Pen and Paper Method of Scripting”
  • You will also receive another 80 page guide dedicated to creating personal scripts called “Creating EFT Scripts – Putting all the tiny pieces together”
  • In addition to the EFT Guide it also comes with additional audio instruction. You will receive over 90 minutes of additional audio information on individual MP3’s
  • You will also receive an additional guide which provides some additional tips to using EFT and the art of wealth creation, called “Paving the Road”
  • You also receive 11 Scripts to releasing blocks to success and wealth. That’s well over 60 minutes of EFT Scripting and Releasing



Joe Williams Pen and Paper method of EFT Scripting



The EFT WorkBook

Creating Scripts with Joe Williams


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