Am I On My Path

Maintaining Faith When The Going Is Rough

Will this work for me ? – If So When ?

It is not so surprising that many, myself included, ask these types of questions. After all if this attraction thing is going to work then where is my proof.

Whilst I have come to accept that my life is a direct result of my thoughts and feelings I too become very impatient at times with the progress towards my desires. We all have these types of feelings and negative thoughts of doubt popping up.

But It’s taking a bloody long time…

Yes this is the problem isn’t it. We all want it now, especially in this instant gratification society which we have become use to. We watch the commercials on the television, and they instruct us to get this thing they they are selling and instantly you will receive some type of gratification.

The process of attraction is not something that is instant and requires us to maintain our faith, you are worthy enough and you always have been. If you take nothing else away from this article but this thought then this is enough:

“Maintain your Belief in whatever you are looking for, you are worthy enough”

Our energy vibrations send out to the universe and attract back to us what it is we are wishing to see in our future. Remember that our thoughts and feelings in the NOW attract back to us like thoughts and feelings, which attract back to us other like thoughts and feelings.

It is this process of sending out and receiving of like thoughts and feelings that seem to hold us in a particular vibration and begin to attract to us what we are holding in our Now.

This is why it is important when you realize that you have been involved in a negative thought process to instantly begin to change your thoughts, so that you can begin to attract other like thoughts and feelings which will allow you to begin to vibrate in alignment with these things of your desire.

Maintaining Your Vibration

EFT is by far the easiest tool I have found to assist with releasing of unwanted energy and vibrations. It’s effect on energy vibration can help you to begin to vibrate in alignment with your desires.

EFT releases unwanted energy, by helping to release blocks which are holding you back. This also then helps you to increase your vibration towards your desires.

When you start to doubt the length of time it is taking to attract your desires you can use EFT to help you to vibrate in alignment, thus maintaining your attraction.

I am the first to admit that I too would love a time line chart that says, if you do this, then this, and a little bit of this, you will achieve your desire in the 47.5 days. How great would that be, but it doesn’t work that way.

But it is that simple, the longer you can maintain your desires. and the sooner you release limiting thoughts and feelings as they come into your being, you begin to attract to you whatever you are looking for.

Remember that negative thoughts and beliefs no matter how often (even if only one time) begin to push away your desires, or another way to put it, they put them on hold.

You have two choices:

Either you give up right now on whatever you are looking for, and decide you don’t really want It.

Or you can pick yourself up and say “I am worth it” “these desires are worth going after”, and deliberately in that instant begin to attract like minded thoughts and feelings

Remember that EFT is by far the greatest tool to help you cancel out negative vibrations. Consider this; if EFT helps to release negative vibrations, what is left must then be positive vibrations.

Whilst EFT is not the whole process and you still need to stay in the moment, it is by far the best shortcut to releasing and attracting positive vibrations.

EFT Setups That May Help You

These setups are in relation to what has been discussed in this article.

If you are not sure what to do with these setups then look for the Special EFT Tip in this article where I talked about being on the right path to attracting your desires

Even though it has been taking me so long I love and accept myself

Even though I just don’t know if I will ever succeed and I feel so low at the moment I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I cant help thinking negative thoughts I love and accept myself anyway

Even though I find it hard not to worry and think negatively I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I am struggling to accept why I haven’t attracted my desires already I love and accept myself anyway

Even though its so hard to maintain my belief in what I am doing I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though just the though of attracting my desires sends a rush of negative emotions through my body I love and accept myself

Even though it is taking so bloody long to get what I want, why is it taking so dame long, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

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