Show Me How The Suds Scale Works

EFT Suds Measurement

Prior to performing EFT it is always suggested that you estimate your level of tension towards the topic you are tapping on.

For example: If you were afraid of walking into a darkened room I would ask you on a scale of zero to ten what level of resistance you think you are.

The point to remember here is that you don’t have to intellectualize it, if you are not sure then simply guess. Because in almost every case you will be fairly close to the mark as your inbuilt guidance system will help you.



Looking at another example; you might be afraid of birds, so prior to tapping I would ask you what the suds measurement might be (scale of zero to ten). You might say that you are at a level of nine.

After a round of EFT I would check with you again to see what your estimated level is, hopefully it would have come down. It does not have to resolve itself fully, but sometimes one round of EFT will resolve an issue as high as a ten straight down to a zero (but these are rare cases, and usually it takes a little more effort).

If your level reduced but did not clear to a zero then we might simply perform another round of EFT using the same set of words to see if it clears.

If after another round of EFT you have not cleared any further, a new approach by simply changing the wording might change the outcome.


The use of words with EFT is perhaps the most important part of the process.

Its obvious that we are using words to state the fear or limiting belief and then using our fingers to tap the meridian points to obtain some relief in the energy system, so you may be thinking “of course I already knew that”

In some cases you can obtain almost instant relief from a fear or limiting relief on the first or second round of EFT. But when you keep performing EFT and you are finding no relief then change the words being used. Use similar words or twist the sentence around so you have a different perspective. This is exactly what I do when I am tapping on myself or with a client.

The only way you can tell how you are going is by estimating the level on the suds measurement, both at the start and after one or two rounds of EFT. If you forget at the start, who cares, don’t worry about it, just ask yourself where you are now, and then ask yourself if you think you were higher at the beginning (let your intuition guide you)

Lets have a look at some examples of word changes so you get a feel for what I am saying. You will also gain an understanding by Tapping along to the Free EFT Sample Scripts which are available…

I do want to stress one point, you do not have to get as fancy or as informative with your Personal EFT as I do in the EFT Scripts I provide on this site. This is how I personally approach EFT, and this has developed over a long period of time. You will get awesome results from one or two word changes.

Lets say that I was frightened of dogs and I had already completed the Setup part of the EFT Routine and was performing the Sequence:

I am afraid of Dogs

I am afraid of Dogs

I am afraid of Dogs

You would repeat “I am afraid of dogs” at the 8 meridian points of the Sequence.

You could then change one word: “I am scared of Dogs”

If after another round of EFT you have not reached the goal of zero (this is always my goal), then you simply try again.

You could then change or add another word and repeat this new wording at every meridian point: “I have always been scared of Dogs”

Looking at my Free Eft Scripts

When you begin to use the free scripts from this site you might think that you have to change the wording for every meridian point, but this is not the case.

My scripts exist so almost every person can experience some relief from a limiting belief. If you were in front of me I would just let my intuition guide me, some times I may only change one or two words an use that same phrase at the 8 meridian points of the sequence, and sometimes I may only tap stating one word. I do not always get that creative, so you don’t either.

Remember: When you create your own Eft Scripts you do not have to change the wording at each meridian point like I have done with some of the scripts on this site.

“There are No Rights or Wrongs, only results”

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