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Don’t forget to return to the articles area of the main EFTAbundance website often, I am always creating new articles and making additions to existing material on the site to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Two New Scripts Added:  For Fear of Failure, and  Low Self Esteem

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I have now attached a page which will cover any new events that I am looking at myself, or that other EFTAbundance readers have suggested to me. I don’t like emailing you mountains of emails as I hate that myself as my inbox just files up, so check this page out often as I will list new events as they happen follow me to that page.


 Are You New To EFT – Want to Know More


 Download My Guide to using EFT

This guide expands upon the information already mentioned on the main website.  If you already know how to perform EFT, then there may be nothing of any new value to be obtained from this guide, but if you are new to EFT then you might want to have a brief look over this guide.






Simple ways to stay in vibration alignment:

Create A Picture Book

Grab a Scrap Book or similar and spend time in the creation process. Find images of things you would like to have, adventures you would like to go on, places you would like to see, experiences you would like to partake in. You can find many image just in junk mail, you might even imagine the junk mail arriving in your letter box showing your where you going next..

I previously would instantly throw out the junk mail, now I keep it and spend time looking through it to see what inspires me. When I see something that I want or something that I would like in my experience I cut it out and glue it into my book…

Its all about finding ways to stay in the creation process…  Its not all about having more things, but of course sometimes it is..  The idea is to do, create, cut out, find, draw whatever inspires you, it could be that you want more things in you experience, it could be that you want to visit places, or to help others..  No matter what your looking for, its your job to find ways to stay in alignment with what you desire…  After all no-one else can do it for you, only you can do it for you…

Write in a Gratitude Book

Grab and exercise book and spend time every day writing out the things you are grateful for. You get to choose how long. You can write out a page a day, or you can start by finding just 8 things you are grateful for.. Its all about raising your vibrational alignment..

No matter how bad things are in your life you can always find something to be grateful for.

Download the Gratitude Script


“The Gratitude Script”



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