Experiencing The Feelings Of Gratitude

Gratitude, Being Grateful

Feel the Feelings of Gratitude, Be Grateful

Our job is to find more things to be grateful for, the more things we find to be grateful about the more things we find to be grateful about, and then when we find more things to be grateful about the more things we find to be grateful about.

This is how the Law of Attraction works.

Yes I am first to admit that this Law in its basic simplistic form seems to be too basic and life isn’t that simple. For if it was we would all have everything we desire in the moment we desired it.

Most of us live by default (myself included). We become a product of all of our thoughts and it becomes obvious from what we have around us what we have been thinking about. So to simply sit in a chair from 5 minutes and sing gratitude is not going to be enough, as what are we doing for the rest of the 1435 minutes of the day.

But its more then what we are doing right now. Are you currently spending 5 minutes a day showing your appreciation for all you have in your life. Are you currently doing anything at all.

Sure it Works..  I have tried that already

I did that already and it didn’t work. This is what most people state when they first attempt to develop an attitude of gratitude.

Its not enough that you spend just 5 minutes a day, but its a start, and the more often you do it, the more you will find to be grateful about.

The problem is that most people try these type of activities for a few weeks and then give up because they cant see the BMW in the driveway. They give up just when the universe is beginning to hear them.

Its not about a one time event.. You must already be doing something right, else your life could be worse then it is right now. Think about that for a minute (but not to long)… Look at your life, do you know someone who is worse of then you, do you know another group of people in another part of the world who are worse of then you.

Your mind follows your most dominate thoughts, and you must already be doing some things right else your life could be worse.

Begin to be Grateful in all circumstances?

Once you develop an attitude of gratitude you can easily begin to flow that into the rest of your day.

Are you going to experience things throughout your day that you don’t like, of course you are. There are going to be plenty of moments which you might not to be grateful for, but you can in that moment still find something to be grateful about.

You can look around and find something in your surroundings to give gratitude about. If you look around and cannot honesty find something in that moment to be grateful for, then close your eyes and think of something else to be grateful for.

Maybe in that moment all you can find to be grateful for is that one night out, that one time 6 months ago when you had such a great time that life seemed in that moment to just stop. If that’s all you can find to be grateful about then give gratitude for that..

I had to find Gratitude

We all have days and times in our lives when things don’t go to plan.

Just this last 10 days I have had my car into the mechanic twice for different things, and spent over $1200 on sudden repairs and maintenance. Money which I was planning to use for something else.

Returning from picking my daughter up from school my partner said that the car was making a hissing noise. I lifted the bonnet and saw steam shooting out of the radiator hose.

I went and purchased new hoses for the top and bottom of the radiator and got the best coolant I could find and did the repair. In that moment I gave thanks for having brought this to my attention and having the cash to purchase the items and repair the car.

It was then that I said, maybe there is more to this then a simple radiator hose. I looked around and noticed that the main belt at the front had hundreds of cracks. I rang the mechanic and he said that this should be changed, if it breaks I could cook the motor. Wow I gave thanks for having this come to my attention.

But I was told that I would have to wait a week. I rang back again to ask another question and this time the mechanic who I usually deal with answered the phone. He said his son had answered the phone before (they sound similar and have the same name), so he knew nothing of my situation.

He said they were busy and his son was aware that we could not fit any new customers in that week, but he was not aware that I was a regular customer, and because I was a regular client (of over 15 years) he said to bring it straight down and he would fix it today. I gave thanks for that..

Whilst I was there I asked if I could possibly get it serviced as well as it was 6 months overdue.. He said yes, we will fit it in.. I gave thanks for that.

4 days later the car got hot again and I saw fluid leaking from the bottom of the car, I looked around and saw water leaking from the bottom of the area where the water pump would be. I rang the mechanic and described it and he said it was the water pump. I asked when he could do it for me, he said some parts had not turned up this morning for another car so if I brought it down right now he could fix it.. I gave thanks for being able to have it fixed so quickly.

When the service was done the week before I was given a list of items that needed attention. At the top of the list was a service on the transmission and the front brakes needed attention, they needed pads and calipers, and the disks needed machining. So once again I asked if there was time to fit these repairs in. The mechanic said he could, and because I was getting it done that day he gave me an additional discount.

We both won, I saved some money and he made some money because he wasn’t sitting around whilst waiting for the overdue delivery… More things for me to say thank you for.


Even though my vehicle had cost me over $1200, and it was only 4 weeks to christmas, and that money could have been used for something else, what could I do. I could have ranted and moaned and cursed that car and gone of my handle. The old me would have done that, but all I could do was laugh at myself because I had created it.

Because in the end I had to have created all of this from my own thoughts, I had a choice to say thanks, or to curse the world, I choose to say thanks. I choose to be grateful that I actually had enough spare cash on hand to pay for it, almost to the last dollar !!!

After all I thought, this car has given me trouble free driving for over 6 years, no major repairs ever in that time. So this vehicle has really only cost me $200 a year for 6 years. I gave thanks for that also, and in my mind as I was driving home I was showing my appreciation for my car and how its always looked after me, and how its such a nice car to drive.

What is the Point of me telling you this ?

The point of all this is that we are all given challenges and moments of time in which we have the choice to be grateful or not. No I wasn’t thrilled at the concept of spending money that I really wanted for something else. But I had to admit that it is an abundant universe and all the money I need does indeed come to me, so in that moment I choose to say thanks and move on.

Remember the universe is watching you, you will be given many opportunities throughout your days and weeks to choose, you either choose gratitude or you don’t, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CHOOSE?

Begin to Develop an Action Plan

Set aside some time every day to write down all the things you are grateful for. It does not matter if you repeat some of the same things each day. The more often you do it the more often you will find more things to write about.

It need not be big things. It can be lots of little things, like the sound of a bird chirping, the dog always being happy to see me, the milk in the fridge, the knife and fork you ate dinner with. There are plenty of things in your life which you can be grateful for.

I am the first to admit that I can go for days and weeks without even stopping to write down all the things to be grateful about. So don’t bash yourself up if you find yourself doing the same. Just stop in that moment look around and find some things to be grateful for. Then thank your body and mind for reminding you, go get your book and spend another 5 minutes and write some more.


As you go about your day start to find things to be grateful for. Whenever you catch yourself in a moment of feeling any feelings which are less then good, STOP, and find something to be grateful for.

These simple steps put on a path which will begin to change your whole life, and by continuing to find more things to be grateful for you will begin to bring more of the things you desire into your experience.

Its not enough that you simply use words, also begin to feel the feelings of gratitude. In the beginning it is ok to just use words, but whenever you find a moment of happiness give gratitude in that moment and try to remember those feelings of happiness, the universe is always listening, and in time it will return in kind.


You will find that it becomes pleasurable

You may have noticed that I said it will become pleasurable, that’s because it does. Sometimes when I am being grateful for things I feel intense feeling of joy which come over my body, I get goose bumps and an electricity of energy which surges through me. And again in that moment I say thank you.


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