How Do I Use Hooponopono


Ho’oponopono – Accepting your problems and handing them over to God, Spirit, Universe or whatever you believe in.

From time to time new concepts come up, or old ones are reborn which tend to bring out the skeptic in everyone. I first heard of Ho oponopono some time ago when I purchased an audio book called “Zero Limits”. At first it seemed too simplistic and although I am a believer in many things, and even though this method certainty resonated with me, I did find it all too much at first.

However being that I have been wrong in the past I decided to apply this in my life and see if it indeed worked.. I also wanted to see if I could use this method in circumstances when EFT did not seem practical.

What is Hooponopono

The standard definition of ho’oponopono is that it’s a Hawaiian problem solving technique that dates back to ancient times. The way that I like to think of ho’oponopono is as a way of handing your troubles over to God. Since I mentioned God, let me offer this:

Clarification: ho’oponopono is not some form of religion. Ho’oponopono does presume the existence of a higher power, whether you want to refer to this higher power as The Divine, God, Love, or whatever else. Does the belief in a higher power make religion? I don’t believe so, though others may disagree. The point here is that ho’oponopono does not represent any organized religious perspective.

Both definitions are direct quotes taken from HO’’OPONOPONO – The Ancient Technique That Makes Life Better – Written by Andy Pritchett

The Use of Hooponopono

Hooponopono suggests that everything outside of you, every experience you have and every experience you see others having are a reflection of you, in essence these experiences are not outside of you they are all a part of you.

This certainly fits in with the use of The Law of Attraction and the desire we all hold to attract to us the life we want to experience. Law of Attraction certainly states that everything outside of you is the residual of your thoughts and feelings.

Those who practice Hooponopono are asking the devine to clear these negative thoughts, memories and old programs which are keeping them tied to a time and space. But Hooponopono is more then this, we must first accept that everything is of and from us and everything we see around us (even those events which we don’t like) come from within.

This means that you have to accept everything as being your creation, and I mean everything. At the same time we are simply acknowledging that we are continuing to run old programs that have been running sense the beginning of time.

When I first accepted this I then remembered a phrase I once heard from the Christian Bible: “The sins of the fathers shall be passed on to the Children”. Although I was brought up to expect fire and damnation I now understand that many of those teaching me had no idea, only the idea which they believed it to mean… However this quote certainly makes more sense when you consider it in connection with Hooponopono.

Simplicity of Hooponopono

When asking for God, Devine, Universal Love to release these old programs these standard phrases are used:

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

For Example:

If I was experiencing worry over how I will be able to find the money to pay my phone bill I might ask for release by saying:

Please forgive me for this worry over my phone bill, I am sorry, I love you, thank you.

Look Closely:

The thing to remember is that sometimes everything may not be as it seems. Look at these next examples, they all relate to the above worry, but are all different in the way I accept the problem:

Please forgive me I am so worried that I cannot pay my phone bill, I am sorry, I love you, thank you.

Please forgive me for not having enough money, I am sorry, I love you, thank you.

Please forgive me for not expecting to have enough money, I am sorry, I love you, thank you.

Please forgive me for believing this fear, I am sorry, I love you, thank you.

Hooponopono is not like EFT

You do not have to tap, you simply look within and ask for release. I simply talk to myself and god (or whatever suits you here) and I ask for release, I always put love and certainty into my asking, and I always expect the release, as another quote comes to mind “ask and it shall be given”

I work on a problem with a single line, I might repeat the same line to god many many times asking for release, as sometimes these old programs have been running for so long that there may be many layers to them, and asking once for release may not be enough.

If after some time I don’t feel like I got the release I might then see what else is behind it. I might ask myself “what am I asking for, am I asking for release on the real topic at question or is there more to this”

I do this to see if I can see something else at the root of this emotion or fear… As in the example above I might then realize that its not the phone bill itself that bothers me but ‘the worry that I cannot pay for it’, so I will start again asking for release on this….and on and on….

If you take another look at the examples above you will notice that they are similar but they are all slightly different. My experience with using Hooponopono during the last 8 months as allowed me to see that we can ask for release on everything, but sometimes we do need to clarify exactly what we are requesting. But I am use to this as this is exactly what you need to also do with EFT.

I find that today that I use Hooponopono when I am in public as it’s such a great technique to apply when others are near by. EFT is not something which is universally accepted in the middle of a shopping center (well not yet anyway)


Want More Information On Hooponopono

The above information is certainly not the only way to use Hooponopono, and there is more to using this process then I can mention in one small article.

I searched for endless hours over the internet when I first began to try Hooponopono looking for some practical examples. At that time there was not much in the way of genuine information without having to do a live course or attend a seminar. But I did come across one site which held some promises, and as it turned out I found exactly what I was looking for.

If you want to know more, if you want more insight into a practical way of applying Hooponopono in your life then I suggest you seek out the ebooks from written by Andy Pritchett

These ebooks are short and too the point and they certainly filled the gaps in my learning. But more importantly they offer some real life practical examples of how to successfully apply hooponopono…

The Main Website Link:

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