Attraction Step By Step

How To Attract Money, Wealth and Happiness Moment to Moment

Its a Step By Step Process

Attracting anything in your life is going to be a step by step process. I do not care if you want to attract money, prosperity, wealth, joy, love or happiness, its not going to happen overnight.

What do you want me to say, yes you can have this tomorrow, or would you rather me tell you the truth.

Well here it is “Before you can attract anything into your life you are going to have to do some work”

I am not talking about moving a pile of cement from one location to another, but if that is what is required then you had better get started. Attracting anything into your life is a moment to moment, step by step process

Attracting in the Now

Many of the teachers of the Law of Attraction and teachers long forgotten from History’s Pages, long before this Law became fashionable, tell us that you can only attract in the Now.

Ok, so how do we do that… You do that moment to moment, there is no other way. You cannot attract tomorrow what it is you want tomorrow, you cannot go back a week ago and attract something different, as yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so all you have is NOW.

Moment to Moment

Your thoughts and the feeling you send out from these thoughts begin in each moment to attract to you your desires. IN EVERY moment of every day you are attracting whether you think you are or not.

Think about it like this. lets imagine that we attract every 5 minutes of the day. So each hour you spend 5 minutes thinking about money and attracting money into your life, then for the rest of the hour (during every 5 minute period) you are cursing life and the raw deal it has given you. Then you repeat the process each hour for the next 23 hrs of the day.

What then are you attracting into your life… When you assemble all of these moments of thoughts and feelings together we paint a picture telling us what we are attracting.

So in the example above, when we assemble all the moments together (in this case the 5 minute blocks of time) you actually get to see that for only a small portion of the day you are sending out vibrations in support of attracting money into your life, the rest of the time you cursed your situation and therefore this is what you most spend your time attracting into your life..

So What Can We Do About IT ?

Obviously I am firstly all about releasing the blocks of fear, anxiety and anything else holding you back, by using EFT as a clearing mechanism. This is the first step in the chain. To be honest you can (and already are) attracting to you right now, even without EFT.

But when you are Deliberately creating and attracting (which is what we are all wanting to do) you want all the help you can get. I liken it to the difference between a weak cup of coffee and a strong cup of coffee. You can still drink a weak cup of coffee but its not the same.

Also remember that just because you are on a path of deliberate creation it doesn’t mean that you are suddenly perfection in the making. This is the same process as changing a habit, it can only be done moment to moment and no-one is perfect..

Each time you catch yourself having been focusing on a negative thought, STOP... Ask yourself “What Do I Desire “, then when you get a response to the question, change your thoughts and begin thinking about this desire.

Then if 5 minutes go by and you suddenly catch yourself in thoughts which again do not serve you, STOP, SMILE and ask yourself “What Do I Desire “, then when your mind gives you the answer, change your thoughts and being thinking of that.

That’s it, there is nothing more I can tell you. This is what is meant by all the teachers from our past and those on the planet today who tell us that “NOW IS ALL WE HAVE”.

You have to do some work, but in the end the work will pay off in dividends. And it can only be done moment to moment, and you get to choose.

That’s the glory of it, you get to make the decision. You don’t get to blame the next person, or your wife, or your husband, or your kids, or your mum, or your dad, as you are the only one in control of your thoughts.

OOuchhh, I bet that hurt a few people, yes that’s right, you have no-one to blame but you.

But stop blaming yourself, and just get on with the task. Today, Right Now, In this moment, Begin to attract money, love and happiness into your life, Stop right now, before you click to another article on this site and spend 5 minutes thinking about what you want and imagine it in your life.

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