Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a term that an EFT Practitioner Karl Dawson has given to this method of Tapping.  Karl developed this technique over many years and completed it in around 2006 .  Its not as easy to tell you what its about without giving you an example, as it involved tapping on the clients echo (like I said that tells you nothing)

The Story

Don’t hold me to this story as I might have some of the facts wrong, but the essence how I know it should be fairly spot on.

Lets go back to the beginning.  Karl had a client that had a fear/phobia and after much tapping the client had released almost all of her anxiety towards this phobia.  However the client still had some emotional connection to the phobia to which Karl was not able to pin point..

But as is normal with EFT, at times its not so much the tapping but the questions asked.  Karl then started to ask some more questions to get some more information in relation to this fear.  He then asked the client if she could close her eyes and go back to the earliest time you remember this fear.  If you are able to remember an earlier time are you able to see what is going on, what is happening at that time.

The client then went on to say that she could see herself as a young girl.  Karl said great, can you see what you are wearing and can you describe what is going on, who is there, what is being said.  At this point the client turned around to Karl and said “I can see myself as if I were here, its so clear I could tap on her”.  This was a bit unorthodox but as they were having some issues with releasing the last aspects of the clients phobia he said “Why Not”.  Go ahead and tap on yourself for this phobia and lets see what happens.

Within a few minutes she reported back that she felt fine, she no longer felt the anxiety and felt that she was over the phobia, thus this was the beginning of Matrix Reimprinting.

Doe this change EFT

No this is not about changing conventional EFT, as without EFT none of this would have come about.  EFT itself is still used with Matrix Reimprinting, EFT is still the core of the process.  We have to think of Matrix Reimprinting as a tool, something else the practitioner can add to his trusty tool box.

If you would like to find out more about Matrix Reimprinting using EFT you can grab a copy of Karl’s book.




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