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Release Headache Pain With EFT

This Product was created with the help from some of the users of EFTAbundance. With your help Joe created this product to assist the many individuals who put up with the intense pain of headache.

In a way this was an accidental program as it came about because Joe himself suffers at times with headaches and some of these scripts were from Joe’s Personal collection.

Joe had previously created several scripts aimed at different topics to help himself when a headache was being felt. As it is sometimes impossible to think straight when you have a headache, so creating a script in the moment you are feeling the pain in your head can sometimes prove to be ineffective.

After several relatives and eftabundance readers used the scripts for themselves with great success, it prompted Joe to develop more scripts aimed at the most common areas, and to also include them as an MP3 Audio.

Some of what’s in the Headaches Program

It seems that many of the headaches individuals get are caused from stress, tension, sinus, dehydration and the like.

In this program you will find a range of scripts for a range of topics.

  • General Headache
  • Sickness Headache
  • Stress Headache
  • Sinus Headache
  • Migraine Pain
  • Depression
  • please see the website for more..


“Joe’s Personal Tips”

Even though I tap every day for one thing or another I am not immune to the odd headache. Sense creating this program I have now scraped my old original scripts for these audio’s.

As you most likely already know, it can be hard sometimes to even think when you have a headache, so using your eyes and reading a script can be just as painful. I now only listen to these audio’s if I have a headache, as I can tap along without the need to think. Without the need to come up with the words to tap, as the audios already tell me what to say, all I have to do is follow along…

I usually just tap along to as many scripts as I need to reduce the headache. I do have my favorites so I naturally tap to them first, then I will go for an uncommon script, such as a sickness script or the depression script (even though I don’t suffer from depression, or I don’t feel sick)..

Even though some scripts are similar they do differ in content. The many different scripts contain additional words and different arrangements of existing words, this is to allow you to attack a headache from many different angles..

I never really know what script will help me until I have reduced or fully released the headache.

My first tip: “tap to any script even those scripts which you don’t think have anything to do with you…”

My second tip: “is to put the audio’s on a cd and to keep that copy in your car. This has proven a life savor on many occasions, as I am able to put the cd in the car’s cd player and tap along between destinations, clearing my headache as I drive.


Obviously I am going to give this a big humongous thumbs up.

Release Headache Pain With EFT- Click Here



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