Is It Worth Smiling About

Smile More Often

A Smile Costs so Little, learn to laugh at yourself

“Its not always possible to smile when there are so many things around the world which are not worth smiling about.”


I was given that response lately when I told an old friend that he should spend more time doing this.

My friend spends most of his days in the depths of despair, he worries about his past, all the things that have gone wrong and never focuses on much of the good he has or the good he does for others. It has come as no surprise to me that he has suffered from some very intense medical issues lately, and when I point out that his worry created his position he agrees that I am correct, but still hasn’t done much to help himself.

He is a very old friend whom I have know for a long time and whilst I don’t spend a great deal of time with him these days, he is still a part of my life. I do sometimes avoid his phone calls as I don’t want to get down into negativity with him, but sometimes I know its necessary to keep the doors open. I know their is hope for him and I know that he does do a lot of good for others, and there is good in his life, all I can do for now is to encourage him to focus more on the good in his life, after all there is little else I can do, I cant live his life for him. Yes I can send out vibrations and see our journey together in a happy place and this does help to make our contact time more pleasant, but in the end it is up to him.

Where in your life can you learn to smile more

How often have you gone into a store to see the check out person with a scowl on their face, does it help to make your experience better. I don’t need to reply, I think I know the answer to that…

At the same time how often do you smile back, maybe they need a smile or two, maybe all they see is unhappy faces staring back so maybe they are mirroring what they see.

“Smile more, and learn to laugh at yourself”

Laugh at Yourself

How often do you laugh at yourself ? Be serious, how often do you truly laugh at yourself ?

I find that most of us (myself included at times) fail to laugh at ourselves, we take things too serious. We all fail to laugh at our thoughts, the things we did, the things we are doing, the things we say…. etc.. etc….

SO WHAT if you just messed up, SO WHAT if you just spent 6 hours in deep negative thought, SO WHAT if you said the wrong thing to the lady down the road, you cant change anything now… But what you can do is learn to Laugh at Yourself.

This is something I have learnt to do, and something I encourage everyone to do.. My teenage daughter actually sat down with me recently to discusses some of her own issues, and knowing that my encouraging her to Tap wasn’t going to help (trying to get a teenager to do what you want isn’t always going to happen), so I told her to do this exact very thing. I told her that she can do this anywhere at anytime, and no-one will even know she is doing it.

I told her that I do this myself, that I worry sometimes, and I too find myself thinking about things that I wished I didn’t spend time thinking about…. That helped her to relax, “dad does what I do”… I told her that when she realizes that she has just spent time in deep thought worrying, smile and laugh within, say to yourself how funny it was that you were doing that worrying thing again, and laugh at yourself, change the subject of your thoughts and move on.

Its not always possible to tap, although I am likely to start tapping in the most public of places (sometimes I don’t realize I have started to tap, its like an instinct and I have to stop in case someone with a white coat comes and takes me away), but you can always laugh at yourself, you can always smile and laugh within. Sometimes my wife will even ask “what are you smiling about”, nothing, just life…

Stop taking life so serious

I do a lot of little things these days to get a smile, like put the cold jug of water against my wife’s skin as she goes into the fridge, she doesn’t find it funny, but I laugh as he wiggles out of the way… Its amusing on a hot day when people are saying how hot it is and you put something cold against them, they don’t like it, “but I thought you were hot” I tell them, “I was only trying to help”

Learn to laugh.. do things that are out of character or just ridiculous.. Like have a water fight with your children in the middle of your house. I did that recently, it just happened out of the blew, a water fight started from something silly that I did (yes I know, once again I started it), and my daughter thought if she stood in the hallway she would be safe, dad wont get me back if I stand here in the middle of the house, a bucket of water comes down the hallway wets her, wets the walls, the ceiling the floor, everything….

Do silly things…. I feed the chickens a heap of scraps from a dinner we had with friends recently and it was a bowl of mess that looked like something you would feed pigs, but we don’t have pigs, so the chickens got it.. I didn’t take a spoon down to scope it out with, so instead of tipping it out I wondered how it would feel if I just put my hand in it and scoped out handfuls of it, allowing it to squeeze out between my fingers.. So you guessed it, i did it.. My hands were covered in muck when I was finished, but in that moment I felt like a kid, and I enjoyed it…..


What am I trying to say…. Stop taking everything serious.. have fun with life.

Remember one day you WILL be on your death bed, we all will, don’t lay there wishing you had laughed more, smiled more, had more fun.

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