LOA and Visualization

Visualizing Using The Senses


“Everything you need is right here right now”

Have you decided on what you want?

When thinking about what it is that you want you need to consider this simple fact – What you want is very different from the things you do not want.  Whilst this may seem obvious it is part of the reason why so many of us don’t seem to find what we are asking for.  If you want a new partner and you keep saying to the universe that I don’t want a partner like this, and I don’t want my partner to have these traits, then you are coming from a place of lack or from a similar place. We are not telling the universe about the things we like in our partner, all the universe is hearing is all the things you don’t want, so you tend to get more of that.

Always think and feel from a position of the having it now, and always talk about the things your want, not the things you do not want.


This is an audio from a newsletter I sent out to readers many moons ago, I have placed it here on the main website as the fundamentals of that audio are unchanging.. No matter where you are in your growth, even if you have become a highly evolved individual, the same process to attraction still exists for all of us:

Press Play To Listen To This Audio

This Audio Takes a Couple of Seconds to Start

Visualize, feel, think

Using All your senses

  1. Touch – See yourself touching, feeling this thing you desire
  2. Sight – Incorporate color and life into the image
  3. Smell – What smells are you smelling as you think about this
  4. Taste – This goes hand in hand with Smelling, if you can smell something you usually taste it at the same time
  5. Hearing – What do you hear, what sounds are you hearing right now

Remember it is happening NOW, not in the future, it is happen NOW or not at all .

For those amongst us who are Christians

I apologize to those readers who’s faith is not of the Christian Church, but I do know that almost every religion on our wonderful planet is filled with similar words and phrases… So please disregard the faith and look at the deeper meaning of the words below:

“Whatsoever the shall ask in prayer believing, you shall receive” .

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