How To Use The Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction when life seems to be going all wrong

Its funny how like attracts like… Recently I received a number of very similar emails around this subject so I thought it might be an interesting topic to talk about.

This seems to be a point of discontent for a lot of us. If you are like me then you are human, and like all humans we are all traveling through this time space reality on a journey that seems to have ups and downs, some people even claim they experience a great deal more downs then ups.

I am not about to attempt to claim I have all the answers to all of life’s problems, because clearly I don’t, and I know this because I am not yet a fully realized being. So because of this I too have my share of ups and downs, and it is up to me to realize in those moments when I am down what vibrations I might be sending out to the universe.


The question which you might be considering at this point is – “How do I know if I am using the law of attraction and what vibrations am I sending out ?”

And like most abundance teachers we all reply with the typical response of “You can tell from what you are receiving”, “as what is coming back to you is in direct response to what vibrations you are sending out”


I guess after reading the last comment your thoughts are most likely… “great, that tells me a whole lot of nothing !!!!”

Yeap it does sound a whole lot like double dutch, and it brings us back to the old subject of what came first the chicken or the egg.

Here is the tricky bit from the Law of Attraction:

What we see in our life right now is a residual of the vibrations (thoughts) we previously sent out, so it may not be possible to know what vibrations generated the current result.

But in some respect its going to be obvious to some of us; because if we sit down to analyze our recent past we might discover that we have have been involved in weeks of negative activities, persistent arguing with our spouses, engaged in condemning and talking about others, being ungrateful, feeling disappointed at the success of our neighbor etc. etc…

However in some cases it not going to be that simple, and if you are like me you might say “but I am a very positive person so why is everything going wrong ?”…

I consider myself the be the most positive and optimistic person I know, and sometimes I find myself gasping at what I have created, but when this occurs experience has taught me to say to myself “I am experiencing this because of my own vibrations (thoughts and feelings) and its now up to me to begin RIGHT NOW to send out the vibrations I choose to NOW experience”, because in the end there is very little else I can do.

I could sit there and pity my circumstances getting involved in trying to find the reasons why, trying to find the emotions and thoughts that generated my circumstances, but I would once again be getting into the feelings and vibrations of this negative creation, I would only be creating (by the Law of Attraction) more of the same !!!

All I can give you is Four Points to consider:

1. When Everything is Going Wrong

When everything seems bad and you are reacting negatively to your current situation you have to realize that you are again sending out negative vibrations to the negative circumstance you have found yourself in, so the only choice you now have is to change your thoughts and vibrations IN THAT MOMENT.

You cannot change the past, you might not even be able to change your immediate future, but you change your future. I know that’s a play on words but you have to realize that some of your immediate future is still the residual of your past emotions and feelings. So you cannot expect that everything will change in an instant.

2. You Did It…

Until you own up to that fact you cannot move on.

You might not know how you did it, but it could be enough to just accept that somehow it was your vibrations and thoughts that put you into alignment, choose now to accept it, release it (why not use eft ?), and move on.

3. Decide Now

You can decide right now to change your vibrations by either looking at your current circumstance and desiring something different by imagining something different, or you can simply change the subject putting your thoughts onto something else that makes you feel good.

Sometimes it is going to be easier to change your thoughts to a new subject then to think of the opposite of what you are currently experiencing.. So if thinking about your dog makes you feel good then do that, if making out with your loved one makes you feel good then go do that.

4. Give thanks.. Be grateful and say thank you..

Gratitude is one of the fastest ways I find to lift my vibration when I am down and when things haven’t always gone the way I wanted. I find that I can always find something to be grateful for..

If you think everything is so bad and you have nothing to be grateful for then think again. Its easy to give gratitude for my eyes as they allow me to see, my fingers allow me to feel, my legs allow me to walk, my ears allow me to hear.

I bet a blind person would love your eyes to see color for a day, a paraplegic would love your legs to feel the grass, a deaf person would love to hear the birds sing, someone without hands would love to feel touch.. You can always find something to be grateful for… Everything else after that is all material stuff, so if you have a pair of shoes you are better then millions of people who don’t.


Ok that may all sound simplistic, but I dare you to try it one day, find a moment when you are down when everything seems to not be going so well, stop everything you are doing and find 30 things to be grateful for, and really think about those 30 things, their uses etc…. and I bet you feel better.. It will raise your vibration.


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