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Wealth Beyond Reason

As the creator and founder of Wealth Beyond Reason, Bob Doyle set out to create a unique program dedicated exclusively to The Law of Attraction.  Bob started his program in 2002 and sense then it has grown to become and is now recognized as a leading program in the teachings of The Law of Attraction. Bob’s program is dedicated to everything concerning the creation of wealth using the Law of Attraction.

What’s so unique about the Wealth Beyond Reason Program is that you have available to you a whole range of products, books and audio’s, all in one location. Which help you find the keys to using the Law of Attraction in your day to day life.


The Best Law of Attraction Program


Wealth Beyond Reason

Bob Doyle

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There is still so much that quantum physics is yet to understand, there is also many varied sciences in both holistic healing and traditional sciences which are only now discovering and rediscovering that the boundaries once thought to be set in place are now blurred due to new understandings which are unfolding.

Never at any other time in human history have we seen the material physical world and the unseen becoming one in parallel with each other. Quantum Physics which is for me the key to it all, is changing the boundaries of what was once thought to be limited to become unlimited. As a result many of the scientific studies performed in the traditional areas of science are now becoming irrelevant and insignificant, even forcing some experts back to their beginnings.

There have been many awards issued in the study of this science… Including several awards winning Noble Prizes.

Wealth Beyond Reason attempts to build a bridge between the old and the new.


My Product Review & Thoughts


Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason Program was for me the very first program which I was attracted to on this topic. His material gave me the foundation from which I launched myself.

However I do need to admit that I had already been a avid reader of PMA Books (books about developing a positive mental attitude). Bobs material seemed to combine and make sense out of some of the rough angles which I was unsure about.

I would also like to point out that due to the comprehensiveness of Bob’s material there are still some books and audio’s which came with his course which I have not had the time to look at.

Whilst I have purchased and read other materials from other people sense then, I am always reflecting or re-listening or viewing something from bob’s program at some point or another. It was this program that also led me to EFT, which has enabled me to release years of limiting beliefs.

The use of EFT or some other energy therapy is almost necessary for anyone wanting to overcome limiting beliefs. Whilst Bob’s Program incorporates EFT, it is obviously impossible to cover everyone’s personal issues at one location, which is why my use of EFT in the attraction of wealth and happiness has led me to seek out other providers of awesome material such as Brad Yatesl.

Bob’s program is by far one of the CHEAPEST COMPLETE PROGRAMS available on the net. I can say this because I have sense purchased many other programs in my quest to understand it all. But dollar for dollar the Wealth Beyond Reason Program is by far the most comprehensive. Whilst there are other wonderful programs out there Bob’s is an awesome place to start.

Another interesting point is that Bob tends to add more audio’s and material to his program as it comes about, and for no extra charge, try getting that somewhere else!!!

His program is so full and so packed with goodies for the one price in which he charges, that if you read and reread, and listened to everything, and IMPLEMENT it ALL in your life, you should find holistic success (this is my belief, but don’t hold me to it)

I suppose the next question is, “why then do I purchase other material if his is so good…. ”

I always have and I always will continue to look for more, I guess I am like a kid in a candy shop, I want this one, and that one, and I also want some of this one, even though my stomach is so full and is aching I still want more and more candy.

Visit Bob at his website - Wealth Beyond Reaon


What does this Program Have to Offer

Where do I start, there is so much.. I can only comment on the Full Program as this is what I purchased myself.

Audio Recordings

He has his core teaching audio’s and seminars which are a must to read and listen to.

He also has many follow up Coaching Seminars (all downloadable mp3 audio’s)

I think at last count I counted 12 Coaching Seminars, they are full seminars which range from 40 min to 80 min in length.

He offers a bonus 6 tape (mp3 Files) his “Create Your Reality” Audio Series

He also has lots of small audio’s which answer specific topics, I think I counted about 30 of these. Below are some of the audio titles.

Wealth Consciousness Seminar
Believing You Have it NOW
Are You Feeling Stuck?
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
LOA, Science, and Religion
It Doesn’t Always Show Up as Money


And then there are still more audio’s, as I said he provides a lot for the money.


There are a range of books in pdf format which you can download and read on your computer. I ended up printing some of them out as I found it far more enjoyable sitting under a tree or in a lounge chair reading them then on the computer screen.

I found that I could take the pdf on disk to the local printing shop and have it printed using their photocopiers and ring binded for anything from $15 to $30 (depending on the size of the book)

The “Happy Pocket Full of Money” is one that I suggest everyone reads, it opens your mind to quantum physics in relatively simple to understand terms. Even if you don’t get around to reading some of the others (I haven’t), at least read this one.

some other ebook’s:

Raising Humans – By David Cameron

The Science of Getting Rich – By Wallace Wattles

Spiritual Marketing – By Joe Vitale

Wealth Beyond Reason – By Bob Doyle

Audio’s Expert Interviews

There are Expert Interviews with many individuals, what you see listed here is a fraction of the interviews you have access to… These expert interviews allowed me to see a bigger picture, and allowed me to see first hand how other individuals have used this information in there own lives….

I think at last count I counted about 20 of these, and they range from 20 min to 45 min in length.

If you go to Google and do a search on any of the names below you will see they are all extraordinary people and you have access to full interviews.

Tom and Penelope Pauley Authors of “I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams! I Am! I Am! I Am!”

David Cameron Author – A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Michael Losier Author of “The Law of Attraction”

Joe Vitale Author of “Spiritual Marketing”

Stuart Lichtman Author, “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast!”

James Arthur Ray Quantum Physics Explained – Featured in “The Secret”

And Still More

There are also meditation audio’s…. more bonus books and audio’s.. there are a lot… As I have already mentioned, I have not even gone through everything….

Whilst putting this web page together I even found more audio’s that I haven’t listened to yet, so I downloaded them and am listening to them now… I love audio’s, for me they are a time saver (and it saves having to read all the time)

Remember I consistently find myself listening and re listening to many of the audio’s from Bob’s site… Most are not one time throw away’s, you will find that you can listen and re listen and pick things up that you never heard before.


For me “Wealth Beyond Reason” gets the big, humongous thumbs up.


See what Bob has to Offer – Wealth Beyond Reason


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