Feelings And The Law of Attraction

Using The Law of Attraction – LOA

You get exactly what you are FEELING About

Its seems easier for us humans to focus on the negative things in our lives, rather than the positives.

One of the main reasons I believe this century why its becoming increasingly easy to remain focused on the negative is because our lives are so driven by consumerism. The law of Attraction suggests that we get more of what we are feeling about. So as we watch the commercials on Tv or listen to the radio we get into the feeling place of the advertisement and attract to us more of these feelings (the law of attraction – like attracts like)

However, the only way that the majority of advertisers can persuade us to purchase their goods is by making us believe that we need the object that they have to make us feel good.

They make us feel inadequate because we do not have this thing that they have, and the only way to be like the actor on the tv is to have this thing. (the Law of attraction – like attracts like – we get into the feeling place of being inadequate)

We run out and purchase this thing in an attempt to feel good, only to suffer a bunch of negative feelings afterwards because we really could not afford it, the credit card is exploding, the rent is due, and the baby is now crying.

So along with the negative feelings we had because we did not have the thing that the actor on the TV had, we ran out and purchased this item in a moment of feeling bad, we then got to experience the negative feelings of having this huge debt mounting on the credit card, the rent is due, and to top it all off the baby is now crying.

LOA – The Law of Attraction attracted to us more things to feel bad about

yes, the Law of Attraction is that simple.

What do you want?

Immediately when asked that question, most of us begin to think about purchasing more stuff, and once again the advertisers and retailers begin to jump up for joy.

What do you want to experience is the key to life.

If you want a new car, then that’s ok, yes I am here to say that it is ok to have a million dollars, the big house on the hill and the BMW in the driveway. But only if that’s truly going to bring you real joy and happiness, and only if that brings true feelings of joy in that moment.

If in the moment you are thinking about the BMW in the driveway, you feel sick in your gut because you have no idea how to get it, you are driving a beat up car and you feel poor because you have a beat up credit card and you can barely afford to keep the old car on the road, then maybe you are simply going to attract more of that

Maybe its time to stop and say “I’m OK, Just where I am“, because in reality what else is there to do.

Yes you may be driving the car you don’t really want to be driving but until you begin to feel better about your situation you will attract more of the same.

Simply saying:

“It’s Ok, that I don’t seem to have any control over my life at the moment, but I always seem to get by, and one day soon I may even have that BMW in the driveway, but for now I choose to be happy anyway, and I am grateful that right now I am able to read these words on this computer screen, I am grateful that I have these eyes for seeing, and the education I received which enabled me to read “.

By saying this or something similar you will immediately allow your feelings to shift.

Because in reality “What else can you do ?”

You may as well laugh at yourself and be happy, and then maybe you will begin to attract more things to be happy about. Remember the simplicity of The Law of Attraction – Like Attracts Like.

But I Desire the House on the Hill and the BMW

I am the first to say that I too desire the house on the hill and the BMW in the driveway, and a stack of cash in the bank, but I am equally happy with what I already have.

I spent years chasing those dreams and looking for quick fixes and as the law of attraction states “like attracts like”, I attracted more things to chase and more quick fixes that did not work out. All because I was trying to satisfy the ego and have the money and the status quo.

Whilst I still desire all those things, I no longer need all those things to be happy.

Whilst I know that my end result will be the nice car and the big home on acreage in the country, I enjoy my life more today chasing things that make me happy then chasing after things because it makes the bank manager or my ego happy.

These days I have a bad week if I have not spent a least an hour walking in nature three times a week. I am lucky to have a small state forest just 15 min drive down the road from where I live. I do spend some of my walks thinking about driving my car and living in the home on the hill, but these are no longer my big focus of life.

I receive far more benefit from walking in nature and just being then chasing after the house on the hill. Its all about spending time doing What YOU love and enjoy, and as a by product more doors will open for you to have more of the physical things you want.

What we want most is to be Happy

When we get down to it most of us just want to be happy, and we want to experience things that bring joy to our lives.

The media try’s to tell us that the act of having and owning is the only way to be happy, “if you do not own this today you will feel regret”. So most of the population runs around trying to have and own, without really ever stopping to smell the roses.

We are not here to have and to own, we are here to attract the experiences that make our hearts sing which allows us to experience the joy in our souls.

Yes it’s obvious that money is something that helps us to have more choices and to experience more of these experiences. But money will and does come as a by product of chasing your experiences, you must learn to focus on what you desire to experience not what you can have.

Have you ever been in a doctors waiting room full of adults who are silent and glum and then someone comes in holding a baby, that baby lays there not wanting anything from you except to give you a smile.

Without reason or thought you immediately smile, you feel instant joy in your heart, the waiting room turns to smiles and laughter and your heart begins to sing… All we want is to be happy, and it is surprising how the youngest of our species can allow us to feel this way by simply smiling at us. ( LOA – like attracts like )

You must find things which enable you to feel good, anything… No matter how hard or bad your situation is, it can always be worse. Your job is to find things to feel good about and in doing so The Law of Attraction will bring more things to you to feel good about..

But remember, if in the next moment you look at something and feel bad then in that moment you are attracting more things to fell bad about.

The Law of Attraction is a moment to moment thing. In the moment you find yourself thinking about something that does not make you feel good, that is the time to congratulate yourself for catching yourself in that moment and then change your thoughts to something that does make you feel good.

That is your job, that’s all you have to do… live moment to moment, change moment to moment.

You may notice above that I said that you should congratulate yourself when you find yourself thinking of a negative thought. Why ? Because if you ridicule yourself then you allow your subconscious mind to remind you of how useless your are because you can’t even do this right.

Its not about being right, its about results.. Thank your body and mind for reminding you to think positive and to think about the things you want… Then your body and mind will look forward to letting you know the next time your thoughts slip into a negative pattern, why ?, because your mind knows it will be rewarded and congratulated for doing so… ( LOA – like attracts like)

EFT Tools

There are great eft tools available on this site which can help you to release some of these negative thoughts and old negative beliefs, which can help you focus more of your time on the things that you desire to experience.

Use the method of EFT as shown on this site. Do this yourself in the privacy of your own home and remember “there are no rights or wrongs, only results”.

After you have gone over the scripts on this site, you could also challenge yourself and see what other limiting beliefs you have by asking yourself questions such as:

is money hard to get ?

do I deserve to have money ?

do I deserve to struggle ?

my father and mother never had that much, they told me life was a struggle.

you must work hard to get anywhere

only the rich get richer

If any of the above beliefs ring with you, then you can use eft on them.. Ask yourself more questions, search the net for common negative beliefs, use eft on them….

The tools on this site are at the cutting edge of quantum physics and energy therapy, and its time you reclaimed you abundance.



Read this article about appreciation.. We all have more to be happy about then we are currently acknowledging.




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