hard to make money

It’s Hard To Make Money

This script is associated with thoughts and beliefs that It’s hard to make money .

This is another on of those beliefs that cross over into other areas, such as the belief that you are meant to struggle, money doesn’t grow on trees, rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This belief can be a combination of being told how hard it is to make money, watching your parents and those around you struggle, then going out into the world and experiencing struggle for yourself, which then reinforces your belief that it’s hard to make money.

I have meant many people who make lots of money, and some who make very little. The funny thing is, those who have little seem to work the hardest and those who work the least seem to have more.. So from my experience making money isn’t hard, its believing that you have nothing to offer in order to make money easier which seems to be a big key behind some of these beliefs.

Before you begin, try to get a gauge at where you are on a scale between 0 and 10 on the suds scale. Simply say this sentence out aloud “It’s hard to make money “, and see if you can feel any resistance, and use your own intuition to see where you are on the scale.

Eft Script


This EFT Script is a generic script which will be very useful….   You may also receive additional benefit by doing additional rounds of tapping, adding in your own words where needed, or commenting on specific events that happened in your life, such as, “Bob, my brother in law is always crying about how hard it is to make money, and he owns his own business, so what hope do I have

 Press Play To Tap Along To This Script

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This Audio Takes a Couple of Seconds to Start


Tap on the Karate Chop point whilst saying the following:

Even though I believe that it’s hard to make money I love and accept myself anyway

Even though I believe that it’s just too hard to make money right now, especially with the economy the way it is. I love and accept myself

Even though I believe that money doesn’t come easily to me, and its just so hard to make money, and I better get back to work and work as hard as I can else I wont make any money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I choose to forgive myself for living with this belief, and I also forgive all those who may have told me that its hard to make money.


Tap on the appropriate points, approx 7 times whilst saying the following:

EB Its hard to make money
SE Its so hard to make money today
UE Its always a struggle to make money
UN Its so hard to make any money
Ch I am always going to struggle to make money
CB I always find it hard to make money
UA I was born at the wrong time, its no my fault, its just so hard today to make money
H And it’s getting harder every day


EB The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
SE I see it on the TV every day, the rich make it harder for me to make money
UE Its always going to be hard for me to make money
UN Its easy for them over their, they were born into money
Ch Money never comes easy to me
CB It getting harder to make money these days
UA I here about it on the news all the time
H The big recession is here, and its going to get harder


EB Very soon I will be working for peanuts
SE The rich get richer, it’s all their fault
UE Its easy for them, they can just live on their interest
UN Its hard for me to make money in a recession
Ch So many people are being layed off, now it’s going to be even harder to make money
CB I have always struggled to make money, now I am going to struggle more
UA Its never been harder than it is today to make money
H I must tighten my belt, its going to get even harder to make more money


EB If I was more skilled I would have more to offer
SE I didn’t get the right education so I have nothing to offer
UE what do I have to offer
UN how can I make more with nothing to offer
Ch life is such a struggle
CB Its always been hard to make money
UA I just cant see it being any easier
H Its so hard to make money


EB That’s an old belief
SE Money is a mindset
UE There are more millionaires today than at any other time in history
UN Which means there are a lot more opportunities today
Ch So it can’t be that hard to make money
CB Maybe I can learn to enjoy making money
UA Maybe money could also be easy for me to make
H Maybe my skills are worthy of more money


EB Maybe money can come easy to me
SE Money is just a form of energy, its only paper
UE I choose to allow the flow of money into my life
UN The more money that comes to me, the easier it becomes
Ch In fact maybe I could write a book on how easy it is to make money
CB I choose to believe that money can come easily to me
UA I love exploring this new belief
H Money comes easily to me


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