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Begin Tapping on the Karate Chop Point:

Even though I have all of this drama in my life, I love accept and forgive myself

Even though I always seem to procrastinate, I always seem to find an excuse, something else always seems to be available to occupy my time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I seem to always have the right excuse, I seem to always do the opposite of what I know I should be doing, I do love to procrastinate, even though I know that part of me doesn’t feel good when I do, I love accept and forgive myself.


EB I always seem to find something else to do
SE I always find myself procrastinating
UE I sure do have a lot of excuses
UN But I believe my excuses are reasonable
Ch I cant always have it easy
CB life is full of drama
UA If life wasn’t full of drama then it would not be life
H So I have reason to procrastinate


EB All these excuses
SE All of this procrastination
UE I have good reason to procrastinate
UN I have a lot on my plate
Ch There will always be time later
CB Maybe in a week or so
UA I have good reason to procrastinate
H So don’t tell me I shouldn’t procrastinate


EB But maybe I do put things off too long
SE Maybe I always seem to find excuses
UE A little procrastination could be healthy
UN But maybe I have made it a habit
Ch Maybe I even thrive on the thought of it
CB What if I can change
UA What if I can make procrastination my friend
H Maybe its time to accept change


EB I choose to accept change and to take action
SE I choose to stop making UP excuses
UE I even choose to start planning time for myself
UN Its time to start using time as my friend
Ch I choose to begin today taking action
CB To accept changes in my life
UA I choose to start taking action in this moment
H It my time to begin taking action and accepting change in my life


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