eye strain

Free EFT Script – Eye Strain

This script is associated with eye strain from reading, being on the computer etc.

Press Play To Tap Along To This Script

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Computer Eye Strain

Begin Tapping on the Karate Chop Point:

Even though I have all of this eye strain, I love accept and forgive myself

Even though I spend too much time on the computer, and reading without resting my eyes, I love and accept myself.

Even though I have this pain behind eyes, all this heaviness around my eyes, and my eyes are so dry, I love accept and forgive myself.


Tap on the appropriate points, approx 7 times whilst saying the following:

EB All of this eye strain
SE My eyes feel dry
UE It is causing pressure all around my eyes
UN My eyes feel tired
Ch I keep staring at the computer
CB My eyes feel so strained and tired
UA I feel pressure in my eyes
H All of this pressure


EB All of this burning eye strain
SE This pressure behind my eyes
UE All this pressure in my head
UN All of this eye strain
Ch Maybe its from too much reading
CB Maybe its from too much TV
UA Maybe its even from too my time on the computer
H My eyes feel so heavy and strained


EB All this pain behind my eyes
SE All the pressure and heaviness
UE Causing my eyes to hurt
UN This pain behind my eyes
Ch All of this dry pain
CB It feels like sand in my eyes
UA My saw red burning eyes
H All this tiredness in my eyes


EB I just want to lye down
SE My eyes need a rest
UE My eyes are hurting
UN I am sick of always having eye strain
Ch All of this pressure in my eyes
CB All of this eye strain
UA All this heaviness in my eyes
H All of this pressure and eye strain


EB Maybe its time to relax my eyes
SE Maybe I should just close my eyes for a while
UE I choose to release all this tension in my eyes
UN Releasing all the tension from my head
Ch Releasing all the pain in my eyes
CB I choose to allow myself to become calm
UA Its time to relax my eyes
H I am grateful for my eyes as they allow me to see




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