money is not spiritual

Money is Not Spiritual

This script is associated with the belief that “money is not spiritual “

This is a fantasy which has been passed down to us for centuries. I do not, and nor do many of those who are waking up believe that we were put here to sit on a mountain and meditate. If you believe you are spiritual and that sitting on a mountain was all there was to do, then why even come here to begin with.

Of course money is spiritual, of course using money to help others is spiritual, oooops that’s different though isn’t it..

See, Its not money that’s the problem, its what you do with it. If money was not spiritual then all the churches and other places of worship around the world would have a difficult opportunity trying to survival as they depend so much on the spiritual giving of money.

Money is simply and exchange mechanism, if you use money to do evil things then you are not spiritual, not the money… If you believe in god, then do you believe that god creates things that are not spiritual, do you believe that god has issues and is incapable of creating things without error ? Creating money which is not spiritual ?

Everything is creation, including money, money is for your use, you get to decide how you want to use it, you can do great things or evil things, its your choice.

Living a life scared, and not becoming all you can be, following others like sheep, not contributing to society, not doing what you know is right, these are all thing which are not spiritual, don’t fall for the lie that you only deserve to live a life without, because it wont stop the next person taking your share (give it to me, I will gladly enjoy it)

Before you begin, try to get a gauge at where you are on a scale between 0 and 10 on a suds scale. Simply say this sentence out aloud “Money is not Spiritual, I am meant to sit here and suffer, I cant have my share, its spiritual to have money ” , and see if you can feel any resistance, and use your own intuition to see where you are on the scale.

Eft Script


This EFT Script is a generic script which will be very useful….   You may also receive additional benefit by doing additional rounds of tapping, adding in your own words where needed, or commenting on specific events that happened in your life, such as, “my mum never listened to me, I was never good enough to receive her attention”

 Press Play To Tap Along To This Script

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This Audio Takes a Couple of Seconds to Start


Tap on the Karate Chop point whilst saying the following:

Even though I have been told that money is not spiritual I love and accept myself anyway

Even though I do not believe that money is spiritual I choose to love and accept myself anyway

Even though money is not spiritual and I don’t want to have it in my life, so many evil things a done with money, money is evil, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,, and I choose to forgive those who contributed to these beliefs


Tap on the appropriate points, approx 7 times whilst saying the following:

EB Money is not Spiritual
SE Its not Spiritual to have Money
UE God wont like me if I have Money
UN Being poor is more spiritual
Ch Not having money is spiritual
CB Not having enough money to buy food is spiritual
UA Money is evil
H Its not spiritual to have money


EB I was told that the bible says that money is not spiritual
SE God will not like me
UE I must not allow money in my life
UN I am not here to have money
Ch I must meditate on the mountain
CB Money is not spiritual
UA I cannot have money its evil
H people do evil things with money


EB Having money is not spiritual
SE I am not her to have money
UE I was born to live without
UN Scarcity is my belief
Ch I will not be accepted by God if I have money
CB Nobody will accept me if I have money
UA I will not get into heaven if I have a lot of money
H Having lots of money means I am evil


EB But I was misled
SE The bible says “that LOVE of money” is evil
UE I am allowed to have food
UN I am allowed to have nice outings
Ch I am allowed to worship god in a nice place
CB I am allowed to help the needy and the poor
UA I know now that money is spiritual
H Money is here to be used for good


EB I am a good person
SE So I will do good things with money
UE The more money I have the more loving and spiritual things I can do
UN Money is spiritual
Ch I choose to enjoy its company
CB I now choose to enjoy more money and doing more wonderful things
UA I love being in a world full of love and peace
H Money is spiritual and as I am spiritual I am at peace with myself

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