Tips – Getting the Best Result

How to use these Scripts to receive MAXIMUM benefit

Tip 1:

NEVER Dismiss any EFT Script as not being your limiting belief. The subconscious mind links unknown events to other unknown events.

Example: Even if your not scared of heights, tap on that eft script anyway.. What if you discovered some unknown benefit just because you tapped.. Scared of heights can also be scared of climbing the ladder of success… you won’t know if you don’t tap..

Tip 2:

Come Back and perform the same script in a weeks time.

Why would you want to do that? Basically the mind is like a massive computer, it stores so many events from our past that its almost impossible to know what is in there.

So when you tap on a topic you may think you have received maximum benefit and never come back to that script again. Wrong !

Think of you mind as an onion, when you tap on a topic you may peel a layer off the onion, which then exposes the next layer. Sometimes (NOT Always) your subconscious mind will stir up more aspects of other events which then require tapping on. So when you come back to tap on the script again, you suddenly find relief from the script, leaving you to wonder why, after having already tapped on it previously.. This is normal, I have experienced it myself, just be grateful that you were able to release more energy.

If you are like me and want a full life experience, come back each month or so and scan the list of Scripts, let your intuition guide you to what you need, and tap along to those scripts. Even if you think you don’t need it.. (inject some of you own words as well – see Tip 3 )

Tip 3:

Inject your Own Words

This is something that I consistently like to point out, but because its so important I just have to mention it again.

When you go over a script you may have a word or image pop into your mind and you may want to change a word to something that is more suited to your liking… I suggest you go back over the script and inject you own words where you think its needed.

Because EFT is all about words, the relief and release you receive from a particular script could be far greater because you injected your own words along with mine. If you don’t get anything jumping into your head, that’s ok as well, just tap along. There is no right or wrong, only results.

Tip 4:

Have Patience with Yourself

You cannot possibly expect to release every emotional experience which is limiting your life in 5 minutes…. Some people can have 5 min wonders and walk away a new person.

However sometimes its not that simple… I would say that for the majority of clients I see, after 3 sessions they are experiencing a whole new outlook on life, especially if I see a client who experienced abuse as a child…

Are they completely healed ? Almost… But as the layers of an onion peel, they may expose more areas that need tapping.

Look at it like this, if you have issues that you have carried around for years and every now and then you need to spend some specific time on yourself devoting that time to EFT, isn’t that still better than carrying around the emotions for another 30 years.

Have Fun with This

I don’t know how many times I see people who take the idea of clearing and healing of emotions as a must do it now, and I must be strict about it.

I want you to have Fun with this… Learn to laugh at yourself, enjoy yourself, and enjoy the gift of healing you have at your finger tips.

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