afraid of losing my job

I am Afraid of Losing My Job

This script is associated with current thoughts of losing your job during these bad times, or not being able to get a job

Almost every person that I talk to these days is scared about job loses. They are Fearful of loosing their jobs, or Fearful of having to take a cut in wages just to keep their positions.

I understand that there may very well be some of us that may loose our jobs, and putting our heads in the sand wont stop that from happening either. But one thing I don’t do is keep up on all the current serials on the topic. I could easily turn on the Local or International News and see how many job looses are occurring, then I can do the same tomorrow and the next day and the next. Why? What’s the Point?

I understand that this is happening, but lets face it, if you are working for a belligerent company who over pays the CEO and all the board members and all the other non producing staff, and you are worried about the company going under because its on shaky grounds, then maybe it will, you most likely are not in a position to stop it anyway.

But you are in a position to focus on you, and by focusing on you it may just be enough. Your company may actually hang in their, and your positive attitude to your job may have meant that you were not one the 100 personnel that got toasted in the restructure.

But again, what else it there to do… I know I am an optimist, so some of you are going to hate my next comment, but I am going to say it anyway. “Everything happens for a reason, and it serves you”.

Whenever things are not going the way I think they should be going I always look for the gift in it. I always expect the something good will come of it or that it is a stepping stone to greater things. What other choices do I have ?…

I am human just like you and I do spit the dummy as well, and sometimes I scream why me ?…. But then I have to admit to myself what else can I do about it ? all I can do is smile, shrug my shoulders and move on.

Please remember that when you use a generic script like this one, go through the script once… Then if any thoughts, words, or particular experiences come up during the tapping, go through the tapping again and inject these words or particular incidents into the EFT….

Before you begin, try to get a gauge at where you are on a scale between 0 and 10 on a suds scale. Simply say this sentence out aloud “I could loose my Job, with so many layoffs I could be next, how will I cope without a Job “, and see if you can feel any resistance, and use your own intuition to see where you are on the scale.

Eft Script


This EFT Script is a generic script which will be very useful….   You may also receive additional benefit by doing additional rounds of tapping, adding in your own words where needed, or commenting on specific events that happened in your life, such as, “I lost my last job without any warning just weeks before christmas

 Press Play To Tap Along To This Script

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This Audio Takes a Couple of Seconds to Start


Tap on the Karate Chop point whilst saying the following:

Even though I am afraid of losing my job and having no money I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I feel that I have no control over losing my job and I am so worried about it happening, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I am so scared that I could loose my Job, which means no money, and I don’t know how we will survive without a job, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself


Tap on the appropriate points, approx 7 times whilst saying the following:

EB I am afraid of losing my Job
SE I might loose my Job
UE It scares me that I could loose my Job
UN I am afraid for my Job
Ch I am afraid I wont find another Job
CB I worry about it all the time
UA So many people are losing their Jobs
H So many people looking for Jobs


EB I may have to take a Pay Cut
SE What if I had to take Pay Cut
UE Its not fair
UN I have worked all my Life
Ch I deserve a Job
CB How will I support my family without a Job
UA I could loose everything
H I am so worried about my Job


EB The media is talking about down sizing
SE Tough time ahead
UE All everyone talks about is hard times
UN If you have a job you are lucky
Ch No-ones Job is safe, not even mine
CB My job is not safe
UA I could be the first to go
H I feel so ashamed at the thought of losing my Job


EB How will I face my family if I loose my Job
SE I don’t want to ask for hand outs
UE My stomach swirls just at the thought of it
UN I feel sick in the stomach just thinking about it
Ch I could loose my Job
CB My friend lost his job
UA how will I cope without money coming in
H I feel so guilty and so ashamed


EB But Maybe my Job will last a while longer
SE Maybe I have enough time up my sleeve
UE Maybe I wont loose my Job
UN If I am going to loose my Job then what can I do about it
Ch I will cross that bridge when I come to it
CB There is no point worrying myself sick over it
UA Maybe its time for me to look into other options
H And Maybe my job is safe after all


EB For now I choose to remain positive
SE For Today my Job is Safe
UE I don’t know about tomorrow
UN But today I am ok
Ch We will survive we always have
CB I love my job and I can always find another one
UA I do live in a good country
H I choose to remain positive, there is nothing else I can do


EB Tomorrow I will begin my day with a positive outlook
SE I will keep a look out for opportunities when they knock
UE There is always opportunities
UN My Job for now is safe
Ch My family will survive, I will survive
CB Everything will work out in the long run
UA It always does
H I choose to accept that my job is safe for now


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