Is EFT Going To Work For Me

EFT = Abundance = Wealth = Prosperity = Life

Can EFT work for Me ?

EFT is an excellent tool which is used to Balance the Bodies Energy System and Heal Aliments. EFT is growing in demand and use, and is being used by many in the attraction of a life full of Balance, Abundance, Freedom, Wealth, Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity.

EFT can and does work for almost everyone, and can be tried on any subject or condition you wish to apply it to.

I say that EFT works for almost everyone, because I don’t want to say that it works 100% for everyone 100% of the time for everything, as there is always someone who wants to debunk a claim in an attempt to prove someone wrong.

Of course this would also be true. It would be silly of anyone to say that EFT is capable of resolving all emotional and physical problems like disease, pain, trauma etc.. that exist on the planet, and I am not about to make this claim either.

However, for emotional issues I personally feel from my own experience that EFT will work 100% of the time, all the time. When I say emotional, I mean any negative feeling or thought process that restricts you from leading an abundant, free, loving and carefree life. But that’s my own personal view, and maybe you could say that I have stars in my eyes.

I say this because from my experience it isn’t the process, its the delivery, if someone is not experiencing release from an emotional issue, then it’s the phrases or words being used which are limiting recovery, not EFT.. This has been the result so far in 100% of my own experience..

What Happens When EFT is Not Working

Is it that EFT is not working, Or is it that the person using EFT is not being true to themselves ?

I know from personal experience, and have also read many articles and talked to many people and practitioners who can tell stories of people overcoming illnesses such as Cancer, MS, Heart Disease and almost every issue known to man, as well as any variety of emotional scaring.

So I know EFT works, and can work for everyone to some degree, I am not about to say it is a cure for all of mankind’s illnesses, but I am yet to see an example of when EFT has not been of a help to an individual in some degree.

The problem from my side of the fence isn’t that EFT is not working, its either the person performing eft is using statements that are too broad or are clearly not aiming at the right topic. While you are here visiting this site make sure you take a look at the page titled “Letting Go of the Ego“. This is what I had to do in the beginning to overcome some of my own issues.

Simply changing your approach, talking through an event while tapping, or finding someone else to rephrase the words you are using in your setup and sequence can all be of benefit. Many times it will be a matter of being more specific…

For example, “that girl hurt me” could be rephrased as “that girl with blond hair hurt me”.. it can be that simple, and sometimes the more specific you become the quicker the energy healing.

Then of course there are those who are simply not using EFT correctly, or have been taught second hand from someone who also is not using it correctly (through no fault of their own) and then wonder why almost no results are being achieved.

Books, Audio’s and Practitioners

Almost all EFT Practitioners will tell you that they use eft themselves almost every day due to the benefits received from balancing out the energy system.

Even though I personally consider myself to be an above average user of EFT and an accomplished practitioner, I am also the first to admit that I do not know everything.

I personally find that the reading of transcripts, ebook’s and listening to audio’s produced by others in the field have enriched my own personal growth and have enabled me to balance my energy system on topics and subjects to which I personally felt were already balanced.

Listening to audio’s or reading ebook’s in the privacy of your own home helps to reinforce the correct use of EFT as well as providing an excellent source of material on a variety of topics to enable balancing of the energy system.

This is why I am always on the lookout for great material. As well as the scripts and information found on this website, you will also see that I have linked to other products from other individuals.

Any product referenced on this site is currently being used by myself and my peers. I only link to material and sites which I believe provide great value, great resources and information. So as well as checking out EFTAbundance go check out some of the other resources as well.

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