These Times Are Full Of Gloom

Recession Gloom and Doom

This script is associated with current thinking of doom and gloom in today’s so called recession

Its a funny thing recessions, they are always suppose to happen (according to popular thinking). So if they are suppose to happen why then are so many so uptight about it?…… FEAR that’s why ?

Fear of job losses, Fear of losing the house by not being able to pay the mortgage, Fear of not being able to maintain a lifestyle, Fear of another country invading us as they cant support their people, Fear of the recession, Fear of not being able to find a job, Fear of ……..

Fear is the driving force behind all recessions. Maybe there is some truth in our spending habits and the credit crisis as being the root cause.. MAYBE… I say maybe because once you believe that then you believe everything everyone is saying.

The funny thing is this, in almost every recession in history there has always been individuals who flourished and who’s businesses soared in face of the economic times. Most of these individuals decided to have the attitude that times have never been better and the good old days are here right now. After all, what else is there to do?

You can sit under a rock and die or you can attempt something. It is better to have attempted and failed then to not have attempted at all.

Please remember that when you use a generic script like this one, go through the script once… Then if any thoughts, words, or particular experiences come up during the tapping, go through the tapping again and inject these words or particular incidents into the EFT…. This script from experience regularly brings up other issues.

Before you begin, try to get a gauge at where you are on a scale between 0 and 10 on a suds scale. Simply say this sentence out aloud “We are in a recession, we have to watch our money, things are tight, we are in the midst of a credit crisis”, and see if you can feel any resistance, and use your own intuition to see where you are on the scale.

Eft Script


This EFT Script is a generic script which will be very useful….   You may also receive additional benefit by doing additional rounds of tapping, adding in your own words where needed, or commenting on specific events that happened in your life, such as, “my Local MP told us to expect hard times ahead, if he is worried then I should be


No need to read the script

Just Tap Along with the Audio

Press Play To Hear This Script

The audio takes a couple of seconds to start


Tap on the Karate Chop point whilst saying the following:

Even though we are in the grip of a recession and I am afraid for my finances, I accept this and myself anyway.

Even though I feel like I have no control over anything, and I cant stop the recession I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though the financial credit crisis is worsening, and the recession is going to hit hard, and I have not control over any of it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I choose to forgive myself and anyone else who has contributed to this financial crisis.


Tap on the appropriate points, approx 7 times whilst saying the following:

EB I am in a recession
SE I am not in control of my finances
UE I am fearful of this recession
UN I am afraid for my finances
Ch this recession will hit me hard
CB this recession will hit all of us
UA this looming credit crisis
H we have overspent, I have overspent


EB I might not be able to pay my mortgage in a recession
SE I am in a big recession
UE maybe I even helped to cause the recession
UN no I didn’t
Ch yes I did
CB this credit crisis
UA I am loosing control of everything
H I am not in control, the recession is in control


EB I am so fearful of this recession, its all doom and gloom
SE everyone is talking about the recession, and how hard things will get
UE even the news man is talking about it
UN everyone knows its a credit crisis
Ch jobs will be lost, its a recession
CB I might not survive this gloomy recession
UA I am so afraid for my family
H my family is so important to me, I am so afraid for them


EB This credit crisis will effect everyone
SE I am so afraid of loosing everything
UE this recession will effect me, I must tighten my expenses
UN this recession is already effecting me, what if its too late for me
Ch maybe I wont survive this credit crisis, I may loose my house
CB I fear another great depression
UA everyone is saying more job cuts are coming
H another recession like the great depression


EB Maybe I have no control over the recession
SE Maybe I am not in control of everything
UE but maybe I never was in control of everything
UN after all I cant control everything
Ch its time to let go of my control
CB maybe I have no control over my finances
UA this credit crisis has control over my finances
H I choose to let go of my control


EB Its possible that I could survive
SE I know some people wont
UE but that doesn’t mean I wont
UN maybe its my time to shine, maybe I will survive
Ch maybe I don’t have to listen to the news man
CB I choose to accept its my time to survive
UA after all I am in control of my thoughts
H I am in control, I AM IN CONTROL


EB Many businesses flourish in bad times
SE maybe this will be a good time for me
UE I choose to embrace good times
UN I am here now, and I choose to make the most of my here and now
Ch when I hear someone speaking doom and gloom, I say great, more money for me
CB more money and happiness for me
UA after all I am in control
H I choose more money and happiness, because I am in control


EB I am doing the best I can
SE and that’s all my family expects of me
UE I choose to embrace change
UN its my time to shine
Ch I choose to be the light for myself, my family and friends
CB I am a survivor
UA I am in control of my life
H I choose to accept financial freedom



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