Can Intuition Guide Me

Feelings and Intuition

What is Intuition ?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” –Albert Einstein

One of the greatest thinkers of modern times (in the west) told us that intuition exists and it is up to us as individuals to tap into this resource.

My Personal Encounters

Whilst you may not be interested in listening to my moments of guided intuition as you would much rather know how to use intuition yourself, I think some brief insights into myself will be of benefit for you.

I was a very skeptical person a long time ago, not so skeptical that I didn’t listen to other people, but I always wanted proof, and because of my religious upbringing I dammed anything that I though was against the bible.

Then as time has evolved my beliefs have changed due to the experiences over my life, I realized that something else is occurring behind the scene, something that cant be explained.

I began to slowly allow the concept of unknown forces, such as energy, which is what Albert Einstein told us in his famous equation E = MC2 (or in reverse, everything is energy, everything equals energy)

The more I accepted these beliefs the more access I seem to have to these moments of intuitive connection. This I believe is the first step, I had to accept these possibilities of outside forces without doubting it, and once this belief grew inside. my intuition grew also, or better put, I was able to accept the possibility of having access to intuitive thoughts from outside of me, thus I now receive more moments of intuitive intuition.

One thing I have come to realize is that intuition IS NOT of me, I am not the creator or the facilitator of intuition. I cannot and do not hold claim to being the provider of this, I know the ego loves it, and I would love to jump up and say “look at me look at what I can do”, but I don’t.

This is another key point I believe, I could be wrong, because maybe its just my belief so because of this belief I attract these moments of intuition. It is safe however to say I am Intuitive, and because I believe this then I am intuitive.

When you believe the possibility of being intuitive then you are, when you accept that you can see and feel energy then you do. Belief is the First Step into receiving more moments of guided intuition

When Does Intuition Guide Me

I admit that sometimes I struggle with this concept and I play the game in my head, is this my conscious mind that created this thought or feeling, maybe its just a memory, or has it come as guided intuition.

I Now accept that during sessions with clients my intuition guides me. I can receive intuition in various ways, I might get a phrase in my head, or a feeling of what is behind the topic being tapped, and in many cases I simply allow myself to be guided along, I never really know where a session will take me..

Sometimes I may also feel what the client is feeling, I might feel sick in my stomach or pain or pressure in some part of my body, and I will ask the client if they are feeling this, in many cases it is right on cue. Then I will aim my tapping towards that area, tapping on the stuck emotion and feelings in that location.

You might have a problem with a particular person and you might tell me that it has to do with x y z issues, but even though you tell me this, and even though I usually start there, I don’t expect that this is where I will stay, as I will inject whatever comes to me whilst tapping and sometimes these thoughts are so off topic but yet end up being on topic.

Am I wrong sometimes, yes of course. Sometimes I get it wrong, I don’t consider that this is wrong, but maybe I have not interpreted the thought correctly, either way I just leave it and move on.

Before the beginning of any session I now spend 5 minutes relaxing and asking for guided intuition to come through me and not by me.

How can you access your intuition ?

Belief is the first step, and I personally believe that removing your ego, your wanting to be the creator out of the equation, and accepting that you are not in control is also a big part of this process.

When you begin tapping on any topic you need to remain open to whatever comes into your mind, this can be either a memory or an intuitive thought. Maybe in some cases they are both the same thing, but at any rate remain open.

Never attempt to allow your conscious mind to simply dismiss any intuitive thought or memory or whatever you want to call it, as being a random fleeting and irrelevant thought.

Sometimes it will take you nowhere, but many, many times, you will discover that this has some significant link to the topic you are tapping on.

Mostly I ask clients to remember whatever comes to mind and tell me after that round of tapping, however if they feel they must stop and interrupt to inject another word in the the sequence then we do that, or sometimes they stop and tell me a sudden strong thought and sudden feeling that has come up.


I can give you dozens of these examples, but I will give you just one that comes to mind as I write this.

Once I was helping a lady to overcome some of the problems she was having with her husband. She was so sure that nothing else had any relevance, and wanted to only remain on topic, and wasn’t as forth coming as she might have been.

But at the end of one particular round of tapping she did mention about a dog she had as a child, she suddenly saw this dog in her mind, she had forgotten about him. She said the dog had been hit by a car in front of the family home and that she had seen this happen.

I just continued tapping on her husband and then changed to the dog (which I got a sour look for doing so) but luckily she followed along even if only to prove me wrong. She visibly looked shaken and her voice told me that this was something that was emotional disturbing to her, but I didn’t stop I just continued to tap and she continued to follow along (this is what I do, I never stop, I keep going, I might pull away a little, and skirt around the edges of whatever topic is being tapped on, in an attempt to calm the situation but I wont stop)

We ended up diving into this topic some more and we did many more rounds of tapping. This fleeting thought which this lady received during the session was what was behind her problems with her husband. This loss of her dog had impacted her so much that she feared loosing her husband and this had created so much drama in her life.

But that’s Just A Memory

I know that many people will scoff and say that most moments of intuition are mere moments of thought, Yes in many cases this could be true, I don’t try to defend this, as it is what it is. Whether you believe in guided intuition or not is your choice.

Just remember the importance of somewhat insignificant thoughts or feelings or words coming to you, as they can be important to the topic you are tapping about.

EFT Setups That May Help You

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Even though I don’t believe that I can possibly be intuitive I love and accept myself

Even though I wished I could be more intuitive but I doubt that I am I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway Even though this concept of intuition and allowing in guided intuition is foreign to me I love and accept myself anyway Even though I doubt this concept of guided intuition I love accept and forgive myself Even though I doubt that I will become intuitive I love and accept myself anyway Even though I doubt that I am intuitive I love and accept myself anyway

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