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Brad & Joe – With Money Beyond Belief

Brad Yates is an EFT Professional and a natural when it comes to using EFT to concur old beliefs. Using EFT to release the old beliefs that are holding us back from success.

He has extensive experience in energy psychology, he is a leading coach in personal development and success, and he is Certified in Hypnosis.

He is also a co-author of the best- seller “Freedom at your Finger Tips” , and Brad appears regularly on a number of internet talk back radio shows.


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Money Beyond Belief

Brad Yates


Money Beyond Belief with Brad Yates

Brad is a highly motivated and success driven individual who pulls no punches with his lets do it now attitude.

Brad has been around the traps for a long time and has developed a huge following. He has contributed his time to many worthy projects over the last decade.

His method of delivery is pure poetry, he washes away any image of someone sitting there in a shirt or tie, his extremely humorous approach to EFT is a breath of fresh air.

I think once anyone hears any of Brads Audio’s, you will find yourself seeking more of his work as he is a humorous guy.

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My Product Review & Thoughts


I already knew of Brad’s work from many of this online radio appearances and was already a fan.

Brad is consistent in his approach and always brings a smile to my face, he is just a funny guy, with an awesome attitude.

These recordings are produced as a joint program with his friend Joe Vitale.

This program comes with numerous audio’s that tend to be full on and are packed with everything I would expect from the Title – “Money Beyond Belief”

Discover Money Beyond Belief with Joe and Brad


His audio’s in this program come from live call in teleseminars from his original course. So you hear an interaction with several of the clients during the audio’s.

I think one of the best things anyone will find out about EFT after they listen to Brad’s work is how easy EFT can be. There is no need to be all stuffy about it, there is no need to be clinical, just have fun with it.

EFT gets results with or without having fun, so you may as well be having fun as the alternative really sucks.

The audio’s are really clear for the most part and were easy for me to follow.

For me Brad has that air of “Its Ok”. He’s not condescending, he has no ego on his shoulders, he accepts his abilities and is 100% happy to share them, just a really nice guy. He leaves you wanting more and feeling great.

Some of what’s in Brads Work

With this program you receive a number of audio’s to tap along with, which is great for those who get really sick of reading all the time.

Brad backs up his audio work with downloadable transcripts, but truly I found the audio’s to be more useful and closed my eyes while tapping along.

He uses the EFT Shortened Version throughout his recordings.

The audio’s go into so many typical area’s of limitations that are so common from the experience most of us have, or had growing up and into adult hood.

Be warned though, he is full on, I found that even though I had all his audio’s setup in order on my pc just the way I wanted (because I am a control freak) it meant nothing.

I had to take a break between audio’s, as there was so much to take in and so much taping, so much taping, I will say that again “there is tones of tapping”, and I am a tapping freak.

At some stages I felt like my arms were going to fall off, and because it was not an ebook I could not easily stop and start, I could have hit the stop button but I wanted to keep up (I hate searching audio’s to find where I was).


For me Brad Yates is an amazing guy. I give “Money Beyond Belief” a big thumbs up. Just remember, if you want tapping, and a lot of it, then this is perfect for you.

EFT Tapping and Attracting Abundance with Brad Yates

Brad Yates – Money Beyond Belief




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