Letting Go of The Ego

Be True to Yourself

In my quest to personal healing and development I read material on Psychology and main stream thinking only to discover that the ego of many of those writing the material got in the way of the healing process.

Not only that but the conventional method in the western world of dealing with problems just doesn’t seem to work. How is it that someone can go to a Psychologist for 20 years and obtain little or no benefit in overcoming the original issue?

So after seeking advice and doing my own studies into Psychology, by the time I discovered EFT it was at a time in my life when so many things were not so well, and I was forced to admit this to myself (and that hurt my ego).


I need to stop here and say that I received an email recently from a reader who was not happy with some of what I said above, and she pointed out that reading about Psychology is not the same as opening up to a therapist, and that in many cases 3 or 4 sessions with a therapist can achieve fantastic results.

I don’t deny that this is true, and yes talking about your problems can 100% improve the situation. This is going to be the same with EFT, if you are not open with yourself you cant expect EFT to work. I don’t want to state that all of the time conventional therapy doesn’t work, because it has helped many people in the past and does continue to help, as sometimes the act of talking with a complete stranger can be therapeutic.. But I do have many problems with seeing people go to therapists for years on end. Maybe I am looking at extreme cases and using these to satisfy my comments, and yes, this is partly true, but…… 3, 10, 15 or 20 years later – something is wrong.

Also above I stated this comment “So after seeking advice”… I did go to a psychologist who had all the initials after her name. However all I got from 5 sessions over a 5 week period was typical text book responses, the same exact responses I had read in text books. It seemed more important for her to have me fill out psychological forms so she could check these forms against her charts to see what category I was in. By the end of 5 weeks I was no closer to finding answers then when I started, so my personal experience in conventional therapy qualifies me to feel this strongly about my beliefs. But this is my belief, it doesn’t need to be yours….


When I first started using EFT I found it extremely easy to beat around the bush when tapping, and I would only say what my pride allowed me to say. This of course was a great boost to my ego, as I would not admit even to myself when I was alone that I was wrong or at fault.

But naturally I soon discovered that I was not achieving the results I was longing for.

let go of the ego, don’t lye, don’t beat around the bush, say it like it is.

It was not until I sat down one evening in my nice comfortable recliner in the corner of my office that I came across the missing link in my quest. I had read material on individuals overcoming life long restricting emotional issues using EFT and longed for some of that, any of it, even just a small dose would have been satisfying to me at that time.

I was filled with despair and started to tap using EFT Setup phrases and Statements. I was so angry with EFT (this is where I was at that point in my life, I blamed everyone and everything for my situation, except myself) I was out to prove it wrong.

Letting Go of the Ego

I began to tap and because I was so angry I began to use phrases and words that I had never used in any round of EFT previously, it was then that I discovered my own personal secret.

It was then that I realized that I was lying to myself, I was lying even while I performing EFT, I realized that I could not even state the truth when I was alone in my room, as I had been hiding behind my own ego.”

I discovered that all along I had been glossing over events in my life just so my own ego was not bruised, so blaming someone else or something else, or not stating a word that was truly the way I was feeling, somehow satisfied my pride.

It wasn’t until I admitted that I did it, I contributed in some way, I was partly to blame that I began to have immediate shifts in my emotions and the healing of my own energy system.

I will also pause here to acknowledge that it is also true that the subconscious mind is sometimes at work attempting to keep us safe from the trauma and the emotions connected with it. So whilst part of it is our Ego and pride, some of it can be the subconscious mind trying to keep you away from stating the issue and reliving the feelings connected with it..

Release is Only a Tap Away

I sat there in the corner of my darkened room with the light off for almost 3 hours tapping away owning my life and owning up to myself for the first time, saying it like it was without blaming myself or others just opening up on every topic, and in as much detail with as many different words and phrases that I could come up with that was needed to resolve the issue.

When I walked out of the room I was a changed person, I was not 100% healed, I doubt anyone can ever claim that they are 100% enlightened, but I knew I was on the road to a more enjoyable life. For I found that by owning up to myself. letting go of my own ego, and walking head on into the topics that I always glossed over was the key to energy healing..

Subconscious Mind

One thing I realized that night was that the subconscious mind is very tricky. As I was tapping on different topics I would get an image of an event or something someone had said that was totally unrelated to the topic that I was tapping on. This taught me that we can never really be sure which word or phrase our subconscious mind had linked to a particular topic.

Which is why these days when a word or thought comes to mind when I am working on myself or with someone else I follow it, because in a lot of cases this is the right direction to follow, not the direction the ego conscious mind is trying to take you on..

Do You Know what Word to Tap On ?

This one night taught me that I did not know with 100% certainty what topic or word had meaning to my subconscious mind. By saying whatever came to mind, whatever word that seemed to fit the situation, to whatever feeling I was having at the time without lying and making up excuses is an important key to energy healing.

We could not possibly know the true workings of the subconscious mind and as we have all experienced different lives and have all had different thoughts and feelings to those thoughts, the list of topics and words to tap on to receive healing are huge.

This is the reason why I always jump at a chance to read an ebook, tap along to a script or an audio produced by someone else. As I often find release of stagnant energy which I never thought existed.

I have discovered that we all hide behind our ego’s at some point, I still do, we all do, its part of our make up. Our subconscious mind prevents us from using words and phrases whilst tapping as a self protection system. By using other scripts from other people the subconscious mind is unable to get in the way, thus there is no wall to protect us, and the end result always seems to be a positive shift of my energy.

I am yet to experience no shift at all from using material by others, I usually always experience a positive shift of emotion and energy...

No I am Not Psychologically Messed Up

As part of my quest to become the real me, I discovered the truth behind why many of us at times cannot get to the bottom of issues. Relax the ego and enjoy yourself.

By sharing a little about myself (the old me), I hope that it helps you to let go, so the joyful, abundant and loving life that I now share with others can also become a part of your life.

Let go of the ego and heal yourself, don’t let life flutter by

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