Tapping 3 Times After 3 Days

Re-Tapping to Scripts

The Times 3 Effect

Scripting and tapping to scripts using EFT is not a one time event, you cannot tap to a dozen scripts once and think you are all done.

Once you have begun to tap and release the mountains of negative emotions and limiting beliefs you will begin to see the value EFT has in playing a permanent role in your life.

But there is a very important factor which is overlooked by many tapers, and one that is equally as important as EFT itself. It does not matter if you are tapping to a script on this site, or a script from another site, or another program, or even a script which you have prepared for yourself. It is important that you return to that script and tap to it again and again until you release all that is releasable.

However there is a key to tapping and returning. It is ok to tap to any EFT Script several times in a session but it is also very important to return to the script after at least a minimum of 3 Days.

This is a very important issue….

Below is a small 3 Minute Audio which is included in the Quit Smoking With EFT program. Because it is such an important issue I have placed the audio here for you to listen to:

X 3 Effect

Press Play To Hear This Script

The audio takes a couple of seconds to start

small 3 minute audio


EFT is all about peeling back and clearing layers of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, so that you can move forward to live an unlimited life, full of joy, love and abundance

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