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The Attraction of Abundance – Carol Look

Carol Look is a highly regarded EFT Practitioner and is one of those individuals at the front of the EFT Movement.

Carol has a background in traditional psychotherapy and combines the use of EFT to produce long lasting incredible results with her clients. Carol has experience with several energy healing techniques, but EFT is her preferred method of choice.

Carol has made many TV Appearances and has be interviewed on Radio Talk back on numerous occasions…


Great EFT & Abundance Products

Attracting Abundance

Carol Look

Use EFT to Attract Abundance into your Life

Carol’s work has lead her to become a highly successful and regarded EFT Practitioner. Her works is extensive and covers a wider variety of topics.

Carol is one of those individuals who is at the forefront of the principles of wealth attractions and the attraction of abundance on all levels.

Releasing the Blockages to Prosperity and Limiting Beliefs are at the core of her work. A limiting Belief might be: “I don’t deserve money” or “I’m not good enough”

It was no accident that Carol has produced this Guide into Attracting Abundance using EFT.


My Personal Thoughts about this Program

by EFTAbundance.com

Anyone who knows me knows the respect that I have for Carol and Her work, so it does not come as a surprise that I would be recommending one of her products. As our site is all about Attracting Abundance, Carol’s ebook is ripe for the pickings.

Carol has produced this ebook with lots of small unexpected extras placed throughout.

For me it was an awesome experience, as I personally experienced shifts in certain areas which I believed were completely free of any hidden blocks.

With Carol Look you will be able to release the blocks to Abundance


Even though I personally have been heading down this rabbit hole for several years, and have performed 100’s of hours of tapping, both personal and whilst helping others I was excited to discover new areas of limiting beliefs which still existed.

It wasn’t that I was excited that I still had some of the beliefs, I was excited as I was able to discover them and then using her awesome setup phrases and sequences I was able to Balance my energy.

The thing to remember with any book or EFT script you use from anyone, is to 1st follow along with what is in front of you, and then add additional words if they jump into your conscious mind.

For example, on several occasions when going through a tapping sequence from Carols Book, a name or word would appear in my mind, I would then finish the round of tapping I was doing and then immediately (whilst it was still fresh and energy open to receiving) perform another round of eft inserting my own words here and there and watched the additional release unfold.

Some of what’s in her book

For those looking for additional material on ways to attract wealth without needing to goal set, Carol has some great Abundance Games which can be used whenever you find yourself with a few minutes to spare.

Her book uses the EFT Shortcut version within her guide.

Discover how to Attract Abundance by Letting go of the blocks that are holding you back.

There are pages and pages, and even more pages of EFT Scripts filled with great Setup Phrases and Sequence’s.

The beginning of the book may tend to get you thinking a bit, and wondering why she is delving into areas which don’t seem to fit the title of the book.

But everything Carol does has a purpose and by spending the time on each area as she suggests, can help you to achieve greater results (as I personally experienced).

By the end of the book and the many, many, many pages of eft tapping, Carol’s ebook rounds out and will make perfect sense (well to me it did).

The topic of abundance covers a broad range, so we are not always just talking about money. Carol’s material also covers a variety of areas. And because of the great setup phrases contained in her book, you will find yourself being able to substitute words and using some phrases for other topics. So its a double win.


For me “Attracting Abundance with EFT” gets the big thumbs up.



Carol Look – EFT and Abundance


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