You Feelings and Your Emotions

Feelings and Emotions

In order to heal, you must feel…

The object of EFT and other forms of energy healing or emotional releasing techniques is to allow us to free ourselves from negative emotions which are keeping us trapped. At the same time we need to also acknowledge and accept the uniqueness of these feelings.

The healing process cannot begin without these feelings, these feelings are our bodies feedback guiding us to or from negative emotions. Without these emotions we have no idea what we like and what we dislike.

The Perfect Negative Emotion

So many times we as humans run away wanting to be free of these negative emotions without really giving thanks that they exist.

We have to remember that without these negative emotions we have nothing to show us, nothing to guide us in the direction of our true desires. We all want love and happiness but without some of these feelings of sadness and unhappiness we have nothing to use as a road map to change.

Sometimes it is just as important to stop and feel the negative emotion as it is to release the emotion. When we stop to feel the emotion, when we stop to accept the existence of the emotion we are allowing it to exist without pushing it further into our darkened depths.

Our emotions are the road map which guide us towards the feelings we do want, without this road-map we would not have any way of finding what we want, we would have no way of understanding what it is that makes our own hearts sing.

Feeling and Releasing

From an EFT perspective we are always looking for stuck negative emotions and liming beliefs. We are always on the prowl looking for something to release, and once we find it we pounce in and instant and hold on tight until we experience the feeling of release.

The key point to remember is that without the negative feeling with would have no idea what needs to be released

Sometimes it is just as important to stop, feel and accept the emotions we are wanting to release, after all they are a part of you, you created them to begin with, even if you don’t want them any longer.

One trick I continue to play with myself is to stop and feel the feelings, I mean really feel the feelings. It use to be that I was quick to ask for release and to tap like a possessed man to release as quickly as I could without even appreciating the emotion for what it is. Without appreciating that it is energy like all energy, but unlike positive energy it actually wants to be released, it wants out, so the moment you appreciate it for what it is, the moment you acknowledge it you are in that moment at your greatest point of release.

So as I am tapping and as I suddenly feel a negative emotion I will sometimes stop the tapping and intensify that negative emotion, as against trying to shove it back down, there is a distinct difference an I am sure that after you do this a few times you will feel the difference. By acknowledging the emotion without trying to shove it back down I am able to release easier and more profoundly as I continue tapping.

Why… My belief is simple:

“In order to heal we must first feel”


I agree that with EFT this is happening all the time, we are constantly asking for feedback and constantly tapping to release the negative feedback, but by intensifying the feedback coming back it offers us a real opportunity to release on a whole new level. Because once we accept the emotion and simply allow it to be we are accepting ourselves and allowing our whole self to be just as we are.

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