Giving Up Is Only A Tap Away

Stop Smoking Using EFT

Find out how you can stop smoking cigarettes with the worlds first fully developed program dedicated to helping individuals quit smoking with the use of EFT. Yes there are some ebooks available on the market, but almost all (if not ALL) are limited in the quantity and quality of EFT Scripts.

This program was created over a 6 month period with the help of many of the readers of EFTAbundance Newsletters.

This was one of those programs that seemed to come along which Joe could not refuse getting involved in. It came about as a request from one of the readers of his newsletters and what started off as a good idea turned into a 6 month study.

During this time the program shifted gears on many levels and went from a basic program containing around 30 scripts to a full blown program which now contains around 120 EFT Scripts.


There Are No One Hit Wonders

I know you can search the internet and find single scripts for smoking, and easily find claims from people who say that by tapping to that one single script you will be able to quit smoking, simply because someone somewhere once did this.

But lets be real here, how many times have you been able to perform one round of tapping to release a negative issue or limiting belief. The problem with one hit wonders is that users of EFT expect that this will always be the case, so when they tap to the script and it does not work for them they walk away with a distorted view of EFT.

EFT works, when EFT is not working its always going to be because of the words being used or the topic being tapped. Sometimes the limiting belief, or in this case the habit is so entrenched into the life of the individual that realism suggests it may take longer.

This is why this particular program took over 6 months to develop, with many many people becoming involved in the trials. The program was continually being added to, with more scripts and more information to cover all of the most common areas which stop people from quitting. Plus Joe already had a personal insight as he himself use to smoke up to 2 packets of cigarettes a day.


Quitting Cigarettes is Only a Tap Away

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It Takes Time to Let Go of Entrenched Habits

The key point to remember with this program is that it has been designed to look at the most common reasons individuals find it hard to quit. But because smoking is so entrenched into the lives of a smoker there are many many triggers which cause a smoker to light up. Because there are so many triggers it is impossible to create just one script to release all these limiting beliefs.

Let’s face it, you light up a cigarette when you are stressed, happy, with a cup of coffee, when you get in a car, after lunch, when you think about past hurts, when you imagine future hurts, when you….. there are lots of triggers that cause your mind to run the “light up a smoke program”.

Sometimes you have no control over these programs as it becomes an automatic response. For example; if you become stressed your mind will search for a way to bring you back into balance, so it recognizes that you always seem to relax when stressed after you light up a smoke, so it runs the “light up a smoke program” as this is what you always do in this situation.

So the point I am trying to make here is that there are a lot of scripts and a lot of tools to help you quit. This is not a program that claims you will quit in a week, if you are looking for one of those one hit wonders then this is not for you, but when those programs fail you can always come back to this one…

So How Long Will it Take

This program is designed to get you to a point where you are ready to quit, it gets you to a point where you have cleared mountains of negative issues and limiting beliefs in the process.

This program might be a quit smoking program but it covers far more as you will be diving into other areas of your life that trigger the “light up a smoke program”, so by the time you have quit smoking you will be a changed person on so many levels.

You have to remember that you might have been smoking for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or even 40 years so you cannot expect to release all the emotions and triggers connect with smoking in one week. Yes it is possible to quit smoking in a very short period of time with this program. In fact there is one very unique testimonial on the Stop Smoking With EFT website that points out how this person used this program to quit smoking in days. So this program has a lot of strength behind it, but I don’t want anyone to expect this is normal, if it takes you a week, or even two, or more then a month, does it really matter.. Because in the end success is success, you have been beating the drums of a smoker for years, if it takes a little bit longer to quit and to become a successful non smoker then so be it.

One thing that is real, one thing that is reported time and time again, is that almost all clients who use this program report that in a very short time, depending on the individual and the amount of tapping they do, it could be a day or a week, almost everyone reports that there daily smoking habit is reduced. I hear a lot of people report that almost from the beginning the amount of cigarettes they smoked started to reduce in numbers, many reporting that after only one week they were smoking 50 percent less.

Now you need to true to yourself, if you have been attempting to give up for years and failed, but after only a short period of time with a program like this, you have been able to reduce the amount of smokes you have each day by around 50% then that is a success.. All that is left is for you to do more tapping, to follow the program and to give up for good.

Remember that the object of this program is to help you quit smoking, its not a race, its all the same for everyone when you reach the finish line. Do you think anyone is going to think less of you if you took twice as long as Larry to give up, No I don’t think so.. What people are going to see is a strong individual that took the time to change, and individual who is now a NON SMOKER.

Why would it take longer for some then others…

Its simply because smoking is so entrenched in your life, its usually not possible to quit in a week, and in reality its not about about quitting in a week or two, its about releasing as many triggers as possible to give you every success of quitting and remaining a non smoker.

In the process of quitting you begin to change your life, and as you start to release a lot of internal stresses and negative emotions on a whole range of topics you begin to feel free on so many level.. In the end quitting becomes the icing on the cake..

Remember that there are at least 120 scripts in this program all averaging 6 minutes in length, which is around 600 minutes of tapping.. Just tapping to these scripts once will take some time. But to successfully use EFT you really need to return to scripts at least 3 times over a period of time.. So be patient with yourself, its all the same at the finish line, everyone who has ever quit will tell you that the success of quitting tastes the same, success is success.

Releasing on any topic when using EFT is all about returning to the scripts a second and if need be a third time… See this page and listen to the audio about the times 3 effect with EFT

More than just a Quit Smoking Program, It’s a LIFE CHANGING Experience

Show Me What is in this Program:

Its really pointless for me to go over this program on this page, its best that you take a look at the dedicated website. There you will find a complete run down of the program, you will be able to see for yourself why this program has become the number one quit smoking program worldwide that uses EFT exclusively to help you quit.

Naturally I give this program a big thumbs up…..


Stop Smoking With EFT

Quit Smoking by Joe Williams



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