Tapping for Another Person

Tapping for Someone Else

I received an email recently from an individual who was asking me about the use of EFT to help a friend.  She wanted to know if tapping on yourself for someone else really worked, and if it does then how best to go about it..

Surrogate tapping (tapping on yourself for someone else) is one of those areas where lots of people get hang ups with..  Either they don’t believe that this type of tapping will work or they have no idea how to go about it..

This reader informed me that she had other people who were telling her that she should not do this type of tapping as she would be getting in the way of that persons karma.  Plus she was told that you don’t have permission from that person as you haven’t asked their permission to tap for them.

I will be very blunt and say “who gives a crap”…   because my motto is that if it works the great, and if it doesn’t work then it didn’t work.  I never ask permission from anyone as I only tap with good intentions, so I just do it.

But for just a few seconds let’s take the view point of the critic.  If there was such a thing as needing permission, if I needed to ask the other person for their permission before I did any tapping for them, then there is no way Surrogate Tapping would work unless I got permission.  That sounds like a logical approach (according to the critic).

So if I need permission from the other party to tap for them and I didn’t get their permission before I started, then because I did not get their permission it should mean that anything I did would instantly be stopped and would not work, as there body would put and instant block up to anything I was doing (simply because I didn’t get their permission)

So if the critic is correct then there is no harm done, as the third party’s own system will prevent any changes occurring and it will mean that I am just wasting my time…

So I say tap away; because if for some unknown reason you were required to ask the other person for their permission before you started, then it’s not going to work..  However if it does work then you know you didn’t need their permission.

How do I begin Surrogate Tapping

There are really only two ways, and I have tried both and seen results.  And sometimes I mix them up…. In fact I really don’t care how or what I say as my intentions are that the tapping is for the other person so it shouldn’t really matter.

1.    Tapping as if I am them.

The first way I do this is to tap as if I am the other person.  I will give the intention to the universe before I start and state that this tapping is for the other person.   You can do this with a phrase that you repeat to yourself.  When I first did this type of tapping I use to state a phrase before I started, something like: “this tapping session is for X”, and then I just start tapping as I normally would..

However these days I am more inclined to just start tapping without saying any phrase, as it is already my intention to tap for the other person so I don’t need to say a phrase, I just expect that the universe already knows what is going on…

2.    Tapping on myself for the other person.

There is a slight difference between the two, as the above method simply requires you to tap on yourself in a normal manner to whatever comes up as you tap, so there is no difference with how you are tapping and what you are saying..  With Method 2 you are including the third person in the tapping..

Such as, “even though Peter has a problem with….”, which is different from normal tapping as you usually don’t repeat your name… You are sort of tapping as a third person point of view when doing it this way..  If you are about to tap on yourself you would not be repeating your own name several times during a taping session.

Which is the Best

There is no best; they are really one and the same.  In fact it really does not matter what you say as long as it is your intention that you are tapping for the other person…  The only reason I mentioned the two methods is because I have seen people get hung up on this..  In fact when I perform this type of tapping I will tap as if I am the other person (method one), and depending on what I am saying at that time I often also find myself tapping in a third person sense, as if I am not that person but I am tapping for them (method two).  And yes I will swap about during the session performing both methods.

To me it’s irrelevant how you tap and the way you do it, as my view is that as long as the intention is that you are tapping for the other person to help that person then the universe already knows that everything you are doing is for them and not you..  Will you get some benefit from the tapping even though you are tapping for the other person;  of course you will, you cannot do good for someone else without gaining something at the same time.

Just give it a try and see for yourself you will be surprised that it can and does work.  And of course you can also tap for animals as well (animal tapping, more about that later)

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