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Are you finding yourself stuck, unable to release those negative emotions?

Performing EFT on your own can be very effective and in many cases can completely release negative emotions connected with the topic you are tapping on. However we all know its not always that simple, it can be, but not all the time.

This is where an EFT Practitioner can help, they have their own box full of tricks that can help you to release at a far deeper level.

Lets face it there are many times when tapping on your own is not going to be as satisfactory as tapping with a Practitioner.  I believe the reason behind this is two fold, firstly I personally feel that some issues (some topics) are just so intense and so traumatic that your never going to go there, your never going to discover all the triggers on your own, and secondly its been my experience that sometimes when we tap on our own we tend to skirt around the edges, even though we have full intentions of releasing on a particular topic (this is what I discovered myself in the early days, I did this exact thing).

As yet I am not a fully enlightened being and I don’t know anyone else that is either, and as such I like many other Practitioners have sort out assistance for our own issues at times.  Why is this?  I believe its simple, its because we can be so close to the topic/problem/issue that we cant see the trees through the fog, and once a third party looks at it the obvious usually shows up..  Its true that these days I don’t necessarily seek our other EFT Practitioners to release, but I do have mentors that assist me with coaching and many of them are also Practitioners, so when in doubt I seek them out..

EFT Practitioners

I am not providing links to practitioners just for the sake of it, any link you see in this list exists because I personally know the person, I have worked with them and can totally recommend them.  Its like everything in life there are good and there are great, and I am looking for the best of the best, simply because you deserve this, so I will only recommend greatness.

Language: English





John Williamson

Emotional Freedom with

John is located in Brisbane Australia and offers both face to face and Skype EFT Sessions, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world as with Skype you can reach John from any country..


If your first language is not English this is fine as long as your English is reasonable, John has dealt with many clients from all around the world where English was their 2nd or 3rd language.



Language: Italian





Andrew Lewis

These days Andrew is mainly based in Italy; he does float back and forth between Italy and Australia but only returns 3 or 4 times a year.


But for those who’s first Language is Italian and whom much prefer to speak with an Italian Speaking Practitioner then Andrew is perfect and best of all he offers Skype Sessions..  This means you can release with Andrew in the privacy of your own home, and with Skype it doesn’t matter where he is in the world as there are no geographic boundaries.



Skype Sessions: 

Not sure what a Skype Session is..  Skype is a program that can be installed on your pc that will allow you to talk with anyone anywhere in the world.  It means you can talk all over the world for free via your pc without costing you any additional costs.  Most pc users have microphones and/or headsets and webcam these days so its all very simple and easy..