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Pain & Illness

Using EFT To Release Pain and Illness

These are two of the most typical questions which are asked in relation to illness, pain and EFT:

Can I use EFT for Pain & Illness?

How do I use EFT for Pain?


I strongly believe that we attract the essence of our thoughts. What you give you receive, what you send out you get back, and because of this your life is a result of these thoughts.

Many studies worldwide now suggest that large majorities of hospital patients are sick because of their emotions. Which includes anything from stress and anxiety to worry and fear, caused both in the family and work environments.

Because of my belief “that negative emotions can be 100% released with EFT”, I must also acknowledge that these individuals can release their illness or pain.

However there is a problem in the above statement “large majorities of sick people”, how do I know if I am one of these majorities, and what happens if I am not.

Because I believe that we attract to ourselves the essence of our thoughts, I have to also agree that we allow the illness into our lives though our negative thoughts.

What happens when someone has an injury and receives pain and damage from the injury.. Such as a fall, or a car accident or some other sudden injury… How is EFT going to work for that, as that’s an injury and not a sickness. “This is an area where I have also had my greatest personal blocks”

For now lets get back to talking about sickness, illness and pain

My Belief:

EFT in my personal belief will 100% release any and all emotional blocks. If EFT is not working it is because I am not tapping on the right subject, or not using the right words.

How too use EFT for Pain and Illness?

Using EFT on pain or illness is very simple.. The simplest way to use EFT is to aim your EFT Statements and Sequence Rounds directly at the pain or illness itself.

Such as:

“Even though I have this pain in my right arm I love and accept myself anyway”

“Even though I am sick I love and accept myself anyway”

“Even though I have this blood disorder which has caused an increase in my red blood cells I love and accept myself”


You can use EFT in a broad sense as in the top two lines, or more specific as in the last line above.

The key with this is to remain open to whatever comes to your mind whilst tapping. Because if an emotion is behind the illness or pain then you have to be open to what thoughts come into your mind, no matter how obscure they may be, as they usually have something to do with the illness or pain itself.

If something comes up you then incorporate that into the tapping (below you will see examples of how to do this)

What if nothing comes up during the tapping?

This is also where a lot of individuals get stuck. Simply because they don’t receive any sudden inspiration about what could be behind the sickness or illness, or they were not paying attention to everything (maybe because they automatically disregarded certain thoughts as being irrelevant).

In this situation the first thing I suggest you do is to go back to the time immediately before the illness or injury and ask yourself what you were doing or thinking about. It can be a real stretch, as you may have already created some walls in your mind towards this.

It can also be something that is ongoing, still current, but started a while ago .

You must be open with yourself and look inside for the answers..

If you suddenly have a pain in your arm and its been there for a few weeks and it wont go away, rethink what was happening in the weeks (maybe even months) leading up to the pain.

Were you having arguments with your children, your boss, did you loose your job, did you get divorced, have you been experiencing regret over something you did in your past, are you annoyed with something your neighbor did last month….. You have to look and see what you can find..

At this point anything is worth tapping on… Just because you don’t think it has anything to do with the pain or illness it doesn’t mean anything…

I will also stop here and point out that in a lot of cases the mind will bring up something that is relevant to what is happening, you just wont be able to connect the dots in you conscious mind (what is coming up in your mind when you think about it)

Once you find something, simply begin to tap on that subject in the normal way… Plus also aim the tapping at the injury or illness…


I have reused the examples from above so you can see the difference in my approach, and how I changed the setups to incorporate the emotion or feeling:

“Even though I have this regret for the all the fights and cursed words I have had with my children lately, and all this is stuck in my right arm, and it’s so painful, I love and accept myself anyway”

“Even though I lost my job 7 weeks ago and I don’t know what to do, and now I am now so sick because of this, I love and accept myself anyway”


What if something happened in the past (years earlier), but you found yourself thinking about it more and more recently:

“Even though my dad said all those nasty things to me when I was little, and I have been thinking a lot about it lately and I am so mad and upset about it, and I believe this is what is causing this blood disorder which has increased my red blood cells, I love and accept myself anyway “


Can you see from the above examples how I use EFT when tapping on illness or pain.

Remember that sometimes just tapping for the illness or pain itself can release it, and other times you might have to look further and find the emotion behind the pain or illness, there is no right or wrong way, just tap.

Does it always work?….

No it doesn’t… I have seen many cases where EFT works for pain and illness and the effects can be sudden, instant or gradual, and other times it wont have any effect at all. This is either going to be because I did not tap on the right subject or use the right word phrases, or maybe this is because the client was not one of the majority of people whom are sick because of their emotions (as in the statement at the top of the page).

Remember though; Just because you might not see any sudden improvement, it still doesn’t mean you should give up.

For example you may have spent months cursing over a bad divorce, so you cant always expect that a couple of rounds of tapping with fix everything, sometimes you may have some work to do.

You may have another 50 rounds of tapping to do, you may have to get into every corner of it.

Either that or you can stay living with all your problems, its your choice, But I know what I would choose.

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