EFT is Just Not Working for Me

EFT is Not Working what Do I do Now

This seems to be a theme that comes up every now and then, one which I feel I should talk about.  I find that so many users of EFT fall into this trap and they end up with limited success when using EFT, or at least they fail to get release on whatever topic that they were just tapping on.

Not Being Close Enough to the Emotion

One of the most common-ally repeated quotes by many EFT Practitioners is that “if EFT is not working then maybe you are not tapping on the correct emotion”.  This sounds like a simplistic statement, but its very true

What I hear most often from clients and users of EFT is that they complain that EFT is not working as they were tapping on the right emotion, but still they were not able to get release

For example:  “I was angry that my partner said those things to me”

The client will tell me that they tapped like a mad man on this topic but it didnt help, they tapped;  Even though I am angry I love and accept myself, Even though he said those things to me and I am so angry I love and accept myself anyway, Even though I was so angry at Bob for saying those things….

But no amount of tapping was helping and it most definitely did not give me any release. So why is it that I am not getting any release with EFT.

Asking One Simple Question

When EFT is not working I am going to be up front and say this:

“if its not working then you are either not tapping on the right topic or you are not tapping on the right emotions”

To me there is nothing more simple then what I mentioned above.  How do you know if you are not tapping on the right topic or maybe not even close to the real emotions.. Simple if its not working, if you are not getting the release you were looking for, then its clear you are not close enough to the emotion itself.

Now we know with EFT you don’t have to get close to the emotion, you don’t always have to be spot on, you don’t always have to bring up everything in order to get release.  But sometimes we are far enough away that nothing we do is going to help.  So its simple just ask yourself the most simplistic 3 letter word, the one children always ask (yes that annoying little word)….  WHY?   WHY?  WHY?

That Painful 3 Letter Word

Lets have another look at the example I mentioned above..

Example:  “I was angry that my partner said those things to me”

You tapped around and about this topic until you were black and blue and still you dont seem to be getting any release..  So ask yourself “Why”, “Why was I so angry”

That might seem simplistic but it will cause you to HAVE TO come up with an answer.  Even if the answer is almost similar to the example, simple ask the same question again.


“I was angry that my partner said those things to me”

Why was I so angry

“Because I just knew he wasn’t listening to my point of view”

Why do you feel he wasn’t listening, and why did that make you angry

I knew he wasn’t listening as he gave me the same look my mother use to give me, and she never listened..

Ah ha….  now we are getting somewhere…

Whilst the above is just an example it was in fact a real example that I took from a session I did with a client.  Just that morning this client had an argument with her partner and this is exactly what I did..  I asked the dreaded Why Question and we got closer to the real issue..  Her anger was frustration about not being heard, and her belief that no-one ever listens to her…

When you find yourself in a spot when you are not obtaining the release you have been looking for ask yourself WHY.



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