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Free Abundance Scripts – Release Limiting Beliefs

These Scripts flow into areas of abundance and some tip toe around other areas where limiting beliefs are found.

These EFT Scripts are provided FREE for you to use NOW

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Getting the Most Out of These Scripts

The EFT Scripts found above were created by me and have appeared in my periodic newsletters.

Of course there are 100’s of topics which can be attributed to areas to which our subconscious minds have developed blocks and limitations to success. So these scripts are really only a starting point, but they are free, and they are a great place to start.

Take your time and read the tips on the bottom of this page and those found on the top of each page of scripts. I know you will be thinking:

“Why waste my time reading tips, after all once you understand the basic’s what else is there to know?”

With any Free EFT Script you want to get the maximum out of the script, why?, because its Free, and if you are like me you will love Free Stuff, so why not get the most out of it.

Whilst one script may be aimed at a particular topic, you may be able to use that same script and release several blockages simply by changing a word here and there….

Additional Tips to Using this scripts

As with all per-prepared EFT Scripts, its a great idea to run through the scripts at least once saying the script exactly how it is written.

If any words come into your head or you have a feeling to change or inject a word here and there, then do another complete round of EFT and change the wording as you see fit, you can sometimes receive fantastic personal benefit from doing this.

Some of the words I may use to describe things may not be the words you may use, and as wording plays an important role in aspects of EFT, in a great majority of cases changing the wording may be all that is necessary for you to receive relief from the fear or limiting belief which you are holding onto.

Please Note: NEVER Dismiss any EFT Script as not being your limiting belief. The subconscious mind links unknown events to other unknown events.

Example: Even if your not scared of heights, tap on that EFT script anyway.. What if you discovered some unknown benefit just because you tapped.. You won’t know if you don’t tap..

Whether tapping on scripts from this website or from any website for that matter, even if you think the issue being discussed is not your issue you should still tap to the script, as sometimes it will enable your subconscious mind to open up, and you may receive a word or image which can provide you with more avenues to pursue on your own journey of self healing.

But above all remember this; you spent a lifetime putting the crap into your mind, so why not spent 15 min’s every day removing some it, even if you waste time on the odd script here and there the benefit far outweighs a little loss time….


These are general scripts which I have been put together after many sessions with clients. I am happy to share some of these approaches with you, and I happy to give them to you to use.

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